Chinese Wordpress

Anyone know where I can find a copy of Chinese Wordpress (TW NOT CN) with traditional characters. I visited the google sites at the top of the list, but it seems to be Simplified Stuff. The links to Traditional Character Wordpress don’t seem to take me anywhere!


Have you tried this one: … 0/zh_TW.po

Even better, for multiple wordpress versions: … /?Queue=91

jlick, thanks for the quick reply. I got the files and had a look, but I don’t know how to handle those po files yet, Also, more challengingly, I would like to have a bilingual interface to make things easier for management!

Any suggestions! ? !!! I did manage to implement the contact form for contacts. Should work nicely… if anyone cares to have a look.


The details on how to install the language file in wordpress are here: … calization

The .po file is just a text file so it wouldn’t be too hard to edit it to make it bilingual.

Jlick, you are my hero!