Chinese X OS

Not familiar with mac but planning to buy imac, Q: if the OS is in Chinese version, can you switch it to Engish OS or you need to install english version when you buy the mac?

One of the great things about OS X is that you don’t need to worry about Chinese/English/Bulgarian editions. When you start it up for the first time, it’ll ask you which language you want to use.

I just bought an iMac several weeks ago and I’m digging it. Make sure you spring for an extra 1 gig of RAM, which is ridiculously cheap now ($3500NT I believe).

You can change the language at any time with the International Preference Pane (like the Control Panel). You can also change the bootup language and keyboard if you want to.

OS X is designed to be multilingual system. Every single language is included with Mac OS X. Applications are designed the same way. It’s a matter of the programmer including languages. You download just one program and OS X will display the correct language you’ve set.

I’m a happy man, Cheers

Yes, they even have this strange language that lets you use a “u” in color…what’s that? :wink:

There are even programs out there that will allow you to strip out languages that you will NEVER (your choice, your intentions) use on your Mac in order to recover that bit disk space.

Like Macaroni. It’s made to regularly run maintenance scripts.