This is a fucked up name for some diner in Philly. hmmm, guess how they named this place…

That reminds of Sambo’s. My parents never took us there because they were too ashamed to eat in a place with a name like that.

But if you are going to get uppity about restaurant names, why don’t you start with Hooters? It is an insult to owls everywhere.

It might very well be owned by someone whose name is actually Chink. That’s one of the few exceptions that motor vehicle bureaux will make in giving out vanity plates that seem to have off-color meanings – if it really is someone’s name and they can prove it.

According to one article I read, the owner “Chink” was a white guy whose nickname was such because he had Asian features.

yea thats right, actually some people called the restaurant and thats what a few of the waitresses had said, that the owner had “chinky eyes” .

so fucked up.

CD, is everything always a race issue with you? Jeez…you need to find a new hobby my friend.

Of course something like this is jacked, but it happens. People are ignorant and stupid, and that’s not going to change.

How many times has someone called me a “wetback” or a “dirty mexican” or a “beaner”? Hmmm…let me count…ah…too many to count… :smiling_imp:

At some point you have to realize its better to let stupid comments roll right off your back. I mean these kind of people aren’t worth your time anyway, right? So why even bother.

tru tru.

Finally! Undeinable proof that all Americans with white skin are racist, bigoted jerks. Good job Mr. Cornell, for bringing this to our attention.

Thanks Klaxon for making such a bogus assumption based on just a link page!

Yeah, because only white people are racist…

mmm well at least the ones I’ve heard of and seen most of what I would coin “racist” are White. However, I have met plenty of people of different ethnicities who are just plain ignorant, and yes very many in Taiwan.

When you see me what do you see? A white man, right? Therefore you too are racist because you would have made a distinction based on my race.

We are all racist. But it’s the level of racism that is the point. Although I suspect you are an angry little man who is upset at the world for the hand that you were dealt.

For my money (and I’m talking about the US, Latin America and Asia – I haven’t been to Europe or Australia or Africa), Taiwan is one of the most racist societies I’ve ever seen. Actually “racist” might not be the word – perhaps “Sino-centric” or “sino-superior” might be better. Taiwanese don’t seem to content themselves with merely discriminating based on immediately visual differences (your skin is black, your nose is tall, your eyes are round) – they also go beyond that into what country you’re from, what province you’re from, what town you’re from…ad nauseum.

The Dominican Republic was interesting in this regard – lots of discrimination there, yes, but based on economic power, not skin color. They have all colors (about 10% white, 10% black and 80% “other”) but the discrimination is based on the money you’ve got, not what you look like. Probably doesn’t make it any better, but at least a person has the potential to earn money…

Well, not many foreigners in Taiwan can cause this problem especially when you visit the countryside or areas where there are an overwhelming majority of (perhaps >95%) natives. Imagine if a ethnic Chinese man walking into a small town in Austria, and eating at a small local cafe. The people DO give you the stares, it is just as bad as in Korea or Taiwan staring at a Black person. That happened to me back in High School when I went to Austria.

It is ignorance, not racism. I had heard this from my friend who is African American and in Chinese (btw he understands mandarin): he was sitting in a bus in Beijing and this woman tells her child that if he doesn’t wash himself he will end up like my friend who was dark colored. I mean this is completely ignorant because she might have very well believed that a person is dark because he doesn’t wash himself.

Racism extends beyond ignorance

and that’s what’s at work in this shop name. an old timer, looked a bit oriental, so since he was a kid everyone calls him Chik and it sticks. he’s Chik, that’s his name. people from that generation didn’t even think twice about that kind of stuff. he may as well of been the most openminded guy in the world as a hardcore bigot, who knows. now the new owner could be Archie Bunker, or maybe he wants to carry on his legacy, including the guys name. these days many people find it offensive. interesting fight between the old America and the new one.

um… right.

In my experience the most racist people I’ve met tend to have been black Americans, because they think about the race issue all the time. This of course is a natural reaction to their traditional status in American society - even if you just want to go about your business and not want your skin color to be an issue, it’s thrust in your face every day. So you can’t really blame a black American for becoming obsessed with the race issue. But it’s deeply unhealthy and damaging to brood over race so much - too much thinking about racial issues can turn you into a racist, when you start seeing everything in racial terms. I think that’s your problem, Cornell.

be clueless if you want. ok, the owner is a hardcore bigot, hates orientals so much that he named his store just to mock them. he stands in the doorsill laughing at them as they pass by.

The folks who decide who gets financial help for college are really racist also. I got denied because I was caucasian/middle class.

Cornelldesi, please quit your harping about how badly you are mistreated because you look asian. I have gotten more than a few comments here because of my skin color. Everybody at some point in time has picked up grief because of the way they talk or look.

I am a big, goofy looking guy who stutters and I pick up shit all the time about it. I don’t run around hollering about how “abused” I am… and I suggest you do the same.

A “man” is not defined by how big his muscles are, a “man” is defined on how he conducts himself. Once you understand this, then you might be able to come to terms with who you are and what you do.