Chinse Language Packs II

Ok so the last thread was of no help to me hence this new thread …

I run Win 2000 - I am a computer idiot - When I recieve mail in chinse or go to chinses site I can’t read anything, it’s just blocks and question marks - There is no window opening that asks if I want to download language packs - I have searched various Microsoft pages but none of that makes much sense to me - I need help - Give me a URL or push me in some direction as I have no idea where to download such a language pack - I tried the settings under ‘control panel’ - ‘regional settings’ - but that asks me for a windows Cd which I dont have … where to turn now ?

Please help … thank you.

I’ll tell you how you could have avoided this mess in the first place. The first rule of owning MS Windows is always keep a copy of the CD that Windows came on. If you can get a copy of Windows 2000 from somebody, you can install a bunch of language packs directly off of the CD. Or you can just buy a pirated copy of Win 2000 and do it that way. It won’t cost much.

As for other sources, I can’t help you. I guarantee you that the above method will work, though.

Guess I am not such a big PC dummy … got it sorted … had the disk all along …

Thanks scomargo