Chipotle & habanero sauces

The hot sauce query reminded me of this. Any leads for tracking down habanero or chiptole sauces? El Yucateco would be ideal, but anything would do in a pinch to kick it up a notch. Costco used to carry a raspberry chipotle, but it was a bit too sweet for my liking.

Internet, I’m afraid. Or friends willing to bring it over for you. I have about 20 different kinds right now and they’re more precious to me than rubies!

Yes, too sweet, I still went looking for it anyway last visit to Costco.

Is there a Chipotle around or should I bring a case back from the next states trip?

I saw a chipolte sauce at City Super.

Great Scot! I suspected as much. Actually, I bubble-wrapped and brought back ten bottles of Yucateco last time I was Stateside - a few habanero sauces and their kick-ass chipotle. But now I

I’ve got 3 cases coming in from Harry’s Hot Sauce. Well, not 3 cases of just Habanero, Got quite a variety. I’ll have them on the site by the end of next week. Take look.

In the meantime you can check out Harry’s Hot sauce selection at their site

supermarket in tienmu warner had tabasco habanero while back. i cleaned them out though, don’t know if they have more

I didn’t see chipotle, but am delighted to report that they do have habanero sauces. They carry two Congo hot sauces from Panama - the “original” is made with red habaneros and the “carribean” with orange habaneros. Both are a tad heavy on the vinegar (El Yucateco doesn’t use vinegar at all - but I’ve never seen their sauces here) and neither packs quite the heat I was hoping for, but they do have that unmistakable habanero flavor. They’re not on the shelves with the hot sauces (which are mostly Thai with some local stuff), but over in the aisle with the salsa. Proto_tw, do you know what else is in the sauces from Harry’s? And could you give us a heads up when they come in? :wink:

Will do. My forwarder picked them up this past Tuesday so they should be arriving this weekend. As soon as they do I’ll put them up on the E-Store site in our Hot Sauce Section. I also really want to import some of the harder core stuff but just not sure if the market is there.

Here’s my list from Harry’s. The first 4 are actually BBQ sauces.
Flippin the Bird Sauce 5oz
Flippin the Pig Sauce 5oz
Flippin the buffalo Sauce 5oz
Flippin the bull Sauce 5oz
Hot Sauce Harry’s Habenaro Hot Sauce
Hot Sauce Harry’s Spicy Habanero Hot Sauce
Hot Sauce Harry’s Garlic Hot Sauce
Hot Sauce Harry’s Jalapeno Hot Sauce
Hot Sauce Harry’s Cayenne Hot Sauce
Chile Classic Jalapeno Hot Sauce
Chile Classic Habanero Hot Sauce
Lime Time Lime/Cilantro Hot Sauce

I’ll let you know when they arrive.

I didn’t see chipotle, but am delighted to report that they do have habanero sauces. [/quote]

They have a weird habit of carrying things, then taking a month or more to restock after they have sold out. Sometimes the space and label on the shelf disappers and then reappears when the item is restocked.

Right, I’ve noticed that too. Next to the Congo sauces, there were labels on the shelf for maybe two other kinds that just weren’t there… :s

Right, I’ve noticed that too. Next to the Congo sauces, there were labels on the shelf for maybe two other kinds that just weren’t there… :s[/quote]

Try again next month. I buy my feta cheese there and stock up whenever I see it, cause you never know if it will be there next time.

I’m still waiting for the return of bulgar wheat.

I heard they finally restocked on that awesome Blue Cheese dressing they had a few months back. But I haven’t had a chance to confirm.

Me too. What the fuck is WRONG with those people? I know for an absolute fact that the bulgur wheat sold very fast indeed, so you’d think they would say to themselves: “Hmmm. That went well. We should order some more.”
Instead they only seem to be able say: “Hmmmm. That went well,” before the synapses overload and they stop in their tracks and begin to loll their heads and drool. :fume: :fume: :fume:

I could roll out the old saw “you just don’t under…”

The same for the Stella at 7-11. My local was sold out within two days of each shipment. When they stopped stocking it, I asked why. They said it was a trial. I asked if the trial was successful and they said that it seemed popular. I inquired further as to whether they would continue selling Stella. The response?

“No, it was only a trial” :loco:

At my local wellcome they stopped selling the better quality sandwich meats and cheeses, even though they sold very well because the decided the neighborhood is not wealthy enough to support the sales of such items. Even the manager was exasperated when we complained saying that she tried to explain that the items were selling well. But no, someone in head office thought it would be better to determine a priori which districts would likely want to buy which products.

The hilarious thing is our neighborhood manages to support a high end deli selling imported meats and seafood, and an organic coop and bakery. Just found out about the bakery and coop today. Looks good. Breads are all made with grape seed oil (no butter or lard) and organic grains. Mostly they had buns and such stuffed with raisons and apples (but very tasty, not at all overly sweet) but they said we could talk to them about special orders. They also sell organic meats, which I assume means animals fed organic grains, but I have to talk to them about that. Are they Taiwanese or imported?

The organic coop is one of two that passed the consumer foundation tests, by the way, so their produce should be genuine.

See that’s interesting. Due to E-Store I’ve met with several importers. They say they stopped importing some awesome Items. I ask why and they say the marketing tests failed. I ask them where they tested it at and they said restaraunts and some street testing. It shocked me, I asked them why they didn’t do supermarket testing or test to a target audience, but only got the dumb look.

Oh well, better for me when I bring all this stuff in. Just hope you guys buy it. If not I’ll be eating a lot over the next year.

Bring in blueberries, organic yoghurt, bulgar wheat, lentils, buckwheat, whole grain pasta (oh please) and I’ll buy from you. No offense, but most of the stuff I saw on your website would never be allowed into my house.

If I ever move to Taiwan, I’d certainly grow my own chili plants. :smiley: I tried that in Luxembourg, but it’s just too cold here and not sunny enough. Still, some indoor plants survived and I harvested a few “Congo Black” chocolate haba

Ok, all you that posted on this thread. I’ve got my hot sauces in and am open to driving up to Taipei with 1 bottle of each and doing some taste testing with you. Find the place and we’ll set the time. You can see the complete line I received at

I wait to hear from you…