Chipping an x-box?

I know it’s possible to ‘chip’ a PS2 ( currently looking into that - concerned that it might screw up my PS2 though… any stories ? ) I’d like to get my hands on an x-box but with possible move back to the UK would chipping that be worthwhile or is it even possible ( Guanghua ? )

It’s possible to mod your xbox, yhis is one of the best sources I know :

good luck with it

PS2 can be chipped to play games and DVD from different regions. The price tend to be high due to the fact that PS2 chipping involves modifcation of multiple chips. In the US, it’s about 120USD for a DMS3 chip installed.


After searching to no avail here in Taiwan earlier this year, I got mine done at the below link. Got looked after very well with the sales tax too.