Chips (French Fries, Frits)? Made of Potato?


More than one in three children do not know that the main ingredient of chips is potato, according to research published today by the British Heart Foundation.

Some 36 per cent of eight to 14-year-olds could not identify the potato, while 37 per cent did not know that cheese was made mostly of milk.

Nearly one in 10 of the 1,002 children questioned thought chips were mostly made of oil, while others suggested salt, eggs, flour, and even apples.[/quote]

A sad day in spud news.

I hate to think what these children think Shepherd’s Pie and Cottage Pie is made of.

Considering how much oil is in the things, they might be right. :laughing:

I wonder what percentage of chips (french fries) today are actually made of potatoes?

Belgian fries 100% potato, if you don’t count the oil in the total weight … and I mean veggie oil, not lard … what makes them a little more healthy

Potato chips … thinly slicest potato discs … not sure tho, they are made into a batter and fried in a mold to make them nice and stackable

Cheese is made of milk???

Who would have thought that … :wink:

Not always … a good cheese is made of milk … the plastic rapped slices are only part milk … gums and salt and oils, fat’s, stabilizers and preservatives

Who would have thought that … :wink:[/quote]
Certainly not the Taiwanese.

They also think that chocolate is made of brown wax.

and gladly they all say “I do not like chocoleee” and leave the (European-priced) swiss Lindt chocolate for 68 NT / 100g at Welcome for me and myself.

No wonder, if I were a kid and someone stuffed those recycled candle sticks in my mouth, I would have hated chocoleeeeee as well.

Spaghetti grows on a ‘spaghetti’ tree

Don’t try to smoke the hash browns.

Or try the spotted dick!