Chirac falls for Canadian radio prank

I thought this was kind of funny.

He took it well when he found out the truth - he laughed and thought it was funny… :thumbsup:

True, and it seems they were rather nice to him. :canada:

That’s because it wasn’t dumb Americans doing it. Had it been American’s we would have had a wine embargo. :rainbow: :smiley:

Usually sense of humor does not characterize french people. We are far too serious unfortunately.

One radio prank also but this time the other way round. Some one from a radio station imitated Chirac s voice and called Zidane, the french captain just before a decisive world cup qualifying football game against Ireland.
Chirac asked Zidane to do him a favor and while they would sing the national anthem that all the team would put their hands on their hearts (you need to know that it is not our habit to do so, and not many now know the words of the anthem). Zidane really thought it was Chirac and we were all astonished before the start of the game to see the french team listening to the anthem (not many sing it) with their hand on their heart. Of course the phone conversation between the pretended Chirac and Zidane was aired after the football match.

I don t recall having heard any statement of Chirac or Zidane about this but sure we are not going to forget this one

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