Chirac threatens 'terrorist' states with nuclear attack


[quote]Chirac threatens ‘terrorist’ states with nuclear attack
Brittany, France
President Jacques Chirac for the first time on Thursday raised the threat of a nuclear response to states that launch “terrorist” attacks against France.

“Leaders of any state that uses terrorist means against us, as well as any that may be envisaging – in one way or another – using weapons of mass destruction, must understand that they would be exposing themselves to a firm and appropriate response on our behalf,” he said.

“That response could be conventional, it could also be of another nature,” Chirac said in a clear reference to nuclear weapons during a visit to a French nuclear base in the northwestern region of Brittany.

Chirac said that France had configured its nuclear arsenal to be able to respond “flexibly and reactively” to any threat, by reducing the number of nuclear heads on certain missiles on board its submarines.

“Faced with a regional power, our choice is not between doing nothing an annihilating it,” Chirac said.

The French president did not single out any country by name. Nor did he say that France’s nuclear arsenal could be used against terrorist groups, as opposed to states, as is the case with the US nuclear doctrine changed under President George Bush.

Also in contrast to the United States, France has not developed so-called “mini-nukes” capable of striking specific military targets such as underground bunkers within a country. - AFP … onal_news/[/quote]

Very interesting indeed. How many white flags are needed to reflect radioactive energy into a country the size of, say, Afghanistan?

Seriously, though, although it’s nice to see France standing up for it’s own interests as usual (always comendable, IMHO), I worry that it would be stupid enough to use them in anger against a terrorist faction. A faction being a group, and not a country.

What a nut Chirac is, it is about time he leaves office.
Chief of the army is the only thing left that he thinks he masters.
Even if he is right we don t have to sit and do nothing in case we are attacked at a large scale , I don t think it was a good thing to scare all our neighbors

Yeah, like immediate surrender. That’ll show 'em!

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Funny how quiet this thread is…if Bush had said the same, certain Forumosans would be frothing at the mouth, baying at the moon.

Out of curiosity, which of France’s neighbors do you think are planning terror attacks in France?

When Chirac became president, he immediately decided to detonate a nuclear bomb on the atoll of Muroroa.

I don’t see too many Forumosans angry about France still being a colonial power. It still controls territories as remote as the “French” Polinesia, islands off the coast of Canada, one island in Africa, etc. It is, in fact, one of the only remaining colonial powers. Yet, when the USA sends soldiers anywhere, the French accuse the USA of being imperialistic. It’s like Hitler accusing Gandhi of being a Nazi.

Froth, froth, froth. Bay, bay, bay.

Yep, this is the most insane statement on nuclear warfare since the Chairman.

“We’re gonna use nukes on people who threaten our oil supply”???

This is the rather strange right-wing meme that the French government are some kind of wimpy bleeding-heart softies who care about world peace and international justice.

They are, rather, tough-minded and cold-hearted realists who are looking out for France, first, last and always.

That their (self-perceived) interests often clash with America’s is no reason to get all mushy and support the image they try and foist on the rest of the world for their own interests.

The remote controlled french islands you are talking about is like the US owning Hawai or the Falklands owned by the UK
We pay a lot of taxes to give them a good infrastructure and welcome tourists especially american who enjoy the lush environment and the french cuisine.
These islands have a very high percentage of unemployment adn they are given money . So not sure all people there think they are a colony. Of course there are independant movements, like everywhere.

To answer Comrade Stalin question, you have misunderstood my meaning. No neighbors want to attack France; but we are always on alert not only for potential bombings but for terrorist groups poisening water or wanting to attack our nuclear plants.
When i said that his speech scared our neighbors, I means Europe’s reaction to the speech and especially German were very concerned by Chirac statement and completely disapproved. I was reading the day after he made this speech and wow what an uproar

My opinion is that Chirac is now completely lost, knows he has lost his international and national credibility and the only thing he “is in control” is the army. Hence this disastrous speech.

You’re completely lost, aren’t you?

CS explain.
I was answering Chewycorns about our remote territories (french polynesia or the FWI or the Reunion in Africa). Sorry to let you know that they are all considered either french departements, or territories and consequently now even part of Europe for the departments like Reunion or the FWI.
Like St Marteen belonging half to the dutch and half to the french or like the british virgin islands.

When I said that his speech scared our neighbors, I means Europe’s reaction to the speech and especially German were very concerned by Chirac statement and completely disapproved.[/quote]

Face it. Germany would be outraged even if the Pope himself would threaten to throw a fluffy toy bunny at a convicted child murderer as his only punishment. Kinda saying it violates his human rights and … is bad for the environment

:s I know what I am saying, believe DeutschBob

Not a little overchewing the corn, are you? :help:


[quote=“speakpigeon”]Not a little overchewing the corn, are you? :help: