Chiropractor in Taichung?

My shoulder joint is playing up. Clicks (and at times cracks) when rotating it, ie. doing breaststroke, and also throwing a ball. Pain now seems to spread after doing these kinds of actions, whereas before there was minimal pain.

Anyone know of a chiropractor in Taichung City?

I would go to a Dr. Chen, has a small chinese clinic, think it is the corner of HuaMei west street / ZhongCheng street. Would say between Fingas BaseCamp and sogo, close to the “riverside”.
That guy can fix many things, and he has good english skills as well.

Good luck!

Not really shure if it’s opposite The Dive, but at least it will be close. Found their name card though, It should be on HuaMei west street section 1, #33. Have a green looking sign with the NHI logo on it I think.

Hi! I’ve been trying to find Dr. Chen’s office, but I can’t seem to find it in that area. Does anyone have an address or information on another Chiropractor in Taichung? We’re getting desperate!


I teach a psychiatrist and asked him for a chiropractor. I haven’t been yet, but herewith the number: (04) 2473 7334. 621 Shiang Shang Road.

I’ll be going soon.

Good luck!