Chiu Yi sentenced


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And, so much for remorse:

[quote]Yi said he will file an appeal against the ruling that, he added, smacked of political inteference. Chiu has said the Democratic Progressive Party administration is seeking to lock him up because he has exposed corruption scandals involving close aides to President Chen Shui-bian and his family members.

Restating his innocence, Chiu said he was trying to restrain overly zealous demonstrators, who claimed Chen had staged a pre-election shooting to secure his win. Subsequent court hearings rejected the accusations against Chen.

Chiu was not in court for the verdict and he attended a live political talk show between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. in Taipei.[/quote]

from etaiwannews.

No word if the judge will allow his hairpiece to enter the cell with him.

That blue-and-orange bicycle election logo cracks me up every time I see it. I don’t know why. It makes this mental image like … one cyclist is not enough and needs the other one to whip him … or something.

It took long enough. I isn’t like there was any doubt to his guilt considering we all watched it on TV.

His whining about it is typical of the dishonesty of the Pan-Blue. They think they can endanger the lives of policement and break into a courthouse and not be punished. Sorry boys, the days of the White/Blue Terror are over.

Yeah. Didn’t you hear? It’s “Green Terror” these days. :unamused:

Interesting how little attention this post has attacted. No one seems willing to defend him as a political prisoner. At least, not anymore.

He never was a political prisoner in the first place. Just another wannabe KMT shit shoveler.

Mr. Sommers,
You have to be in jail to be a political prisoner. I seriously doubt that this yo-yo has even been booked. If I understand correctly very, very few Taiwanese defendants ever see the inside of a jail/prison/holding cell.

There seems to be a problem understanding what I wrote. I am not saying Chiu is a political prisoner. My point was that when he was initially charged, he had defenders who claimed he was a victim of political persecution. Now, no one here, even the most hard-core Blue supporters, seem willing to allow him this label. My post is supposed to be asking readers to reflect on this change.

I think you’re reading into something that is not there. Whether the forum find the topic interesting enough to reply to doesn’t mean much of anything.

Unless you were trying to try to case in the court of forumosa opinion.

It’s not really a question of whether or not the topic is interesting. It’s mostly a matter of whether the Internet warfare bosses in the PRC tell our most prolific China apologists to respond and what position to take.

I always suspected Stop_Ma to be an agent of the CCP. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to catch on.

What about the driver of the truck?

In my opinion he is even more guilty than Chiu Yi of attempted homicide. I’ve asked locals about the driver, and no one seems to care about him. I guess in an authoritarian culture, it is okay to drive a truck at cops as long as someone with more guanxi than you tells you to do it.