Chocolate & Love (closed)

Well so much for the famed absinthe. Found it expensive and one dimensional in flavor. It reminded me of the flavor of Kool Aid when it came out with its first sugar free version using saccharine. The presentation is something that is sure to find favor with poseurs though. On the taste scale, a 2 out of 10. On the presentation side a 9 out of 10 on the effects, I think it tends to affect and numb the frontal lobe more than the medulla oblongata but I did not drink enough of it to generate enough knowledge about what kind of buzz it gives or does not give. Ultimately, I would have to say it is not something I would do again.

I’ll do it again… because I bought a bottle (much cheaper this way). The first sip tasted of cough syrup. It got better. I ended up drinking six glasses of the stuff… but, while it was an OK buzz, it never really kicked in and there certainly were no secondary effects… and trust me, I would have recognized the same. I cannot imagine that this stuff comes anywhere near approximating the absinth/e that the people involved in the Aesthetic and Decadent Movements were drinking. I ended up going to sleep at about 2:30 am and slept well. No hangover this day.

I suppose the only thing to do is to procure a bottle of the stronger stuff and try that.

Well, I for one am not the least interested in trying it again. I found the taste unpleasant and it did not grow on me. I think though that this drink will no doubt become very popular because it has all the right things going for the perfect “poseurs” and that set. I trust that it will become very popular with would be artists, poets, musicians and such and those who want to be “drunk” if you know what I mean. That way they have an excuse to let themselves go and then claim that it was like wow man that absinthe. I mean it just blows your mind doesn’t it? And it’s so cool cuz it’s like what Van Gogh drank and all that.

Tried the famed absinthe at said bar. The color is gorgeous, and tasted like black licorice. Leading up to it I had a cocktail and few beers. I didn’t feel anything after the first shot. But a few minutes after the second shot and ohmigad. Of course, mixing drinks could have done it too.

I would try it again to get a good buzz, but just one shot next time. :blush:

Never tried the food there.

The place is cozy, with a bed upstairs you can sit on and chit chat. There’s a $100/pp fee if you go upstairs for the live jazz band.

Nice place, I’d go there again.

It could be much worse. They could be going to bed early, eating sensibly, loving their families, attending church on Sundays, and arguing away ennui with “No really, it’s cool. This is just what George W. does.” :wink:

As for the taste of the absinthe at Chocolate and Love, I can’t vouch for it, I have never tried that particular brand, but absinthes come in many flavors, ranging from the very sweet aniseed-based flavors of

If you are tired of the miserable drinks served by Taipei bartenders who can’t seem to put together a rum and coke without having to look in the drink recipe book stashed behind the bar, relax, all is now well.

C&L has hired a friendly and dashing new bartender, Sean, to work the bar Tuesday-Friday from 8:30 p.m. to midnight. Sean is a master drink maker. No drink is obscure or challenging enough for him. So, head on down to C&L and order yourself that Buttery Nipple Shooter, Screaming Orgasm, Long Island Ice Tea or Sex on the Beach that all other Taipei bartenders destroy. Sean can whip them up blindfolded!! :beer:



Well, I’m pretty confident that if a woman wants any of these, I can give her three out of four. :wink:

A woman came in last night and asked for a double entendre. So I gave her one. :laughing:

[quote=“Stray Dog”]
Well, I’m pretty confident that if a woman wants any of these, I can give her three out of four. :wink:

A woman came in last night and asked for a double-entendre. So I gave her one. :laughing:[/quote]

:bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

This place has a nice atmospere and they served up a good vegetarian curry for the Curry & Quiz nice. The owner also seems like a decent, friendly guy.

I was a little discouraged about the price of a coke though. Paid 90NT to get a small glass of coke from a can and I didn’t even get the whole can. :s

If a customer can get a whole bottle of beer for 120NT, then why can’t I get a whole can of coke for 90NT? One can = two glasses. The way it works out, I would have to spend 180NT for one can of coke versus 120NT for a bottle of beer. Coke -more expensive than beer? :noway:

Maybe this seems like a small thing, but this is coming from a girl who really loves her coke (the soda, guys!)

Finally tried the absinthe that C&L is importing. The smell of it was much more harsh than some of the other Spanish brands, Deva and Mari Mayans, but the overall flavor wasn’t bad. It is a decent introduction to absinthe. The one startling thing was that with as much anise seed flavor as it had, it did not louche well (turn opaque milky white like Parisian absinthe is supposed to). The Czech brands are known for not louching, because they are far more herby than licoricey, but the Spanish brands should louche better than the Teichenne did.

Chocolate & Love is a nice lounge bar. It has a very laid-back atmosphere…which is why I was a little disappointed by the Angels and Devils Night. It totally didn’t fit in with the feeling you get being in the plush surroundings of Chocolate & Love.

Does Chocolate and Love usually have a cover charge on the weekend? Or is there just one for special events?

Any info on their stand-up comedy night?

Someone told me that C&L is closing?!?! Noooo!!! I’m gonna go check it out tonight. They have a cover band who plays classic rock. Their guitarist is absolutely incredible. He can play anything.

Yep. Tomorrow night is the last night they are open. Too bad. I like that place. Close to my house. Good band. Yummy Belgian beer. Oh well. And I thought this place was doing well.

Interesting bit of news there. We’re supposed to be playing that place next Saturday. :s

That’s strange. The Singaporean guitarist of the above mentioned band told me this was it. Could be wrong. I’ll check it out. If they aren’t going to close, i’ll come by and see you play sandman.