Chocolate & Love (closed)

Oh well. Maybe the guy meant it was the last night of the band’s engagement there or something. Hope so. I was looking forward to that show.

Interesting indeed.
Last Friday I was there and spoke to Ray (the above mentioned Singaporean guitarist) when he told me that from then onwards they would play every Wed, Fri and Sat as opposed to Wed and Sat as they’d done previously. I went to see them play quite often in the last couple of weeks and I thought he would tell me if he had some bad news.
Would be very sorry to see that place shut down.

I was just zooming by C & L in a taxi and there is a handmade sign outside that says “Temporarily closed”. Has anyone seen it and read the rest of the sign. I could only get that much in the second I had whipping by in a taxi.


Haven’t seen the sign but I was there at the closing party and things didn’t look that temporary…

Hello Bliss…may you be everything your Chocolate and Love inspired.


That’s nice, thanks mr Chodofu…when are we gonna see you ?

Won’t be back i Taiwan until the first week of April.