Choo-choo! US-Taiwan free trade agreement here we come!


She is American not Taiwanese. A lot of American Chinese have been infiltrated quite a lot by CCP, even Waisheng Taiwanese in the US. I wouldnt expect anything from her on the basis of that.

Tai’s parents immigrated from Taiwan, that makes her…Taiwanese American. Taiwanese is the adjective, not the noun.

They are not saying she is Taiwanese. They are saying Taiwanese American.

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Does she call herself or identify as Taiwanese American? Whats her family background? How connected is she with Taiwan. Some Waisheng families emigrated in the 60’s to the US but have ROC passports, like how Taiwanese are they really?


Does she call herself or identify as American only? What is her opinion on that?

US census asks for background info. It’s not an unreasonable statement to suggest that someone born to Taiwanese parents might have some connection to Taiwan.

Right, who knows? Its not right to expect a Polish American to have pro-Poland politics.

I agree. But we don’t know. But saying she is Taiwanese-American is not wrong either. But we don’t know her opinions. But those of us who do maintain connections to our mother culture are irked when people come up to us saying You’re not such and such, You’re Canadian/American/Australian/New Zealander etc…

One of her jobs was enforcement of trade with China, so there’s that.

Is she as Taiwanese American as Tony Hsieh and the Nvidia guy and the AMD lady… i.e. don’t get your hopes up.

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She taught English for two years in Guangzhou. Could be a double agent.

So could other people trying to shoot her down. How much do we know about their backgrounds and motives?

OK maybe not.

I don’t know why anyone would think she’ll be more friendly to Taiwan just because her family is from there. She’s worked in the US govt for a while in Congress and with the US Trade Rep. She is just going to follow Biden’s policy, not her own. The fact is Taiwan has like 5% of the GDP of China. No one in the US gives a flying duck about Taiwan economically, it’s all about China.

More background information.

She seems very anti-China.

She acknowledged some good things about Trump’s trade policy. Good sign.