Choose the gift which buys your vote!

ScreenHunter 224

A: forearm sleeve protector
B: foldable fan with case
C: cigarette lighter
D: muscle ointment
E: standard fan

I do not include monetary compensation as an option.

I choose the foldable fan with a case…well, I cannot really accept a gift.

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C for me

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B definitely. Much more convenient than E. When I’m done with my majiang game at the local park I can easily stow it away in my scooter.

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D, because I am running out of Tiger Balm :laughing:

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What happened to good old fashioned tissue paper?

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C. Most practical.

I can get you some. There’s plenty in the lobby of my apartment building.

I’ll take five packets. That should get me through one sitting.

C or D.

No masks? They have been handing out masks around here. Kleenex packages are so last election!


Collect 'em all.


Pity, cash is much more useful.

Second best, I would accept them doing their job as a bribe.

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I would vote for the party/representative that does not use loudspeakers on the street.


That saves you the trip to the polling station.


Cash is king. After last election the elected representative for my area had to step down due to her vote buying activities. Held a special election to vote again. Her husband ran and won. Now at all the local events you will see the “disgraced” wife join her husband to host the event. What bothers me is 1)she can still be involved in an office that she does not belong to, 2)voters here are basically still looking for her to do the favors she promised to them (so elect her husband), and 3)people we talk to say this is just the local style…even though they seem uncomfortable with such vote buying, and 4)she is running again for office.

Ya, it’s pretty sad. but common in Taiwan. and the public does seem to shrug it off. the places I live most of the local small government officials are doing the same. many get caught, avoid jail, and pop their heads up again soon. There are reasons so many here are a bit jaded about taiwans future.

Arguably, fighting would get more done than this accepting the hopeless Confucius styled quitting.

Received another gift today. A mask plus a combo pen plus disinfectant sprayer (what everyone uses for Covid).

I still prefer cash. we got our “gift” in a crisp red envelope today. Hurrah for idiots!

This is why I stay neutral in real life, ride the fence. I like red baggies. The retarded f*cks.

Always tells us who not to vote for!

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This doesn’t bother me too much. I haven’t had to buy masks recently because I’ve been given so many from both the KMT and the DPP (I don’t know why the TPP and others aren’t giving stuff out where I live).

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My wife is hoping the local rep guy wins again…because every year he gives us a free watermelon…and a good quality one at that.