Choose the gift which buys your vote!

Democracy is as cheap as a watermelon. Dang :upside_down_face:

That’s a good thing they arent bribing people with cheap shit, surely.

Well, right there in the middle of a hot, humid summer…a big, fat, delicious watermelon shows up at your door. What can I say? He had me at “Hello, here is your watermelon.”

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So what your saying is you vote for someone with nice melons :wink:

Everytime…could say I am a sucker for melons.

This definitely wins my (weeb) vote


Thankfully for him it was only a watermelon offered…I respect the honest desperation though. In summer, all bets are off.

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Taipei City bin bag, at least the purpose is to be thrown away!

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So this is not one of those reusable bags?

For me the right gift would be silence. Whoever don’t make noise gets my vote.


I agree. Near my house have had two weeks of fireworks. Seems each time the candidates’ line of cars takes off they need fireworks.

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They act as if it’s the ghosts that determines who wins the election…

Well its all quiet again tomorrow, until they start announcing the winners.

I can’t see any melons