Choose your own diet

In MrsHill’s parents house there are two little ones. The boy is 4, the girl 18 months. What amazes me is that they are allowed to choose their own diets. There is constantly food on the table, and they are allowed to pick and choose as they please. It is amazing to see an 18 month old baby telling it’s mother to give it candy, and the mother complying without any kind of guidance. My prediction is that the girl will turn into an obssessive eater. She is already what I would consider ‘addicted to garbage.’

I reckon it is wrong to let kids decide what they eat and when they eat it. I wasn’t allowed so much as a biscuit without my mums say so, until I was 15!

What do you reckon?

Its madness, Tom Hill. Just madness.

Seriously, its poor parenting. Ever take a look at the teeth of many of these kids around here? Horrible.

It’s like this in the U.S. now too. When I was there last, I visited a friend and her 2 and a half year old daughter had McDonald’s for dinner. Then she was running about the house with some fruity gummy bear snack things and a bag of cheetos. She’s looks like a doll now, but I fear what she’s gonna look like when she gets older if she keeps eating this way.

When I was a kid, we were allowed one snack when we came home from school. A snack consisted of something like a piece of toast with peanut butter, a piece of fruit, a pickle, a carrot, a boiled egg, etc. What are parents thinking letting their kids eat whatever they want? Of course, kids are not going to make healthy food choices. People have to learn how to discipline themselves when it comes to food.

Even today, there’s a lot of stuff that I like to eat, but don’t because I know that if I indulge in eating junk food everday, my ass is going to look like an elephant’s. Duh! Kids have to be taught that. I thought that’s what parents were for. :idunno:

Not in TW, as I am often told by the chinese teachers. They-chinese teachers- are the “parents” and it is their duty to ensure that kids learn all the things that make them grow up into fuctioning and able to make a contribution to society.

It’s strange how, when they are very young, kids eat the very healthy food and love it. It is only when they get older and get corrupted. Sometimes daddy can’t resist the temptation to offer his kids a treat.