Chou qian 抽籤 sooo unlogic!

Well, I have to say the Taiwan logic / way of thinking really starts to piss me off, so this here is more to get my anger out - nevertheless still want to share.

As said in the other thread, our complex doesn’t have any free units anymore (important, this already for some time). We have around 300 units and 320 scooter places, so basically it is an one/one situation. During the time I am living here (more than one year), I never had a problem to find a place, as I guess some habitants are working overnight.
We had the rule of free scooter parking choice, so it never was a problem if you don’t mind walking a little to your elevator.

And here, the problem starts (thank you Taiwan-people!!), as they parked their scooters wild on no-parking space, because they want to be close to the elevator. Resulted in dangerous situations, actually 1 scooter crashed sideways into a parking car. This situation is unacceptable, but what did they do know - yes, the famous lottery … Great !!

Now we have probably during the day an almost empty scooter-parking-area and in the nighttime many scooters are desperately looking for a place.
Thus some people have to walk now much longer than before (if they would have been looking for a FREE place rather doing their illegal parking) …

And too early to say, so yes, my prejudice:
I am pretty sure, the wild parking still will go on, as the management mafia is too lazy to enforce the rule. But well, let’s see …

How far could the walk can be?

Where would that building be - Danschui?