Christian bakers (tentatively) win case

It seems like UK Christians have the right who to sell or in this case not to sell their goods to, when it goes against their religious convictions.
A good ruling, as long as gay bakers are allowed to refuse make cakes to causes that they do not approve of too.


The cake was supposed to have a message “support gay marriage” or something. The baker did not refuse to sell a cake to anyone specific, but they refused to sell that cake, with that message.


It’s a difficult one, but I basically agree with the decision. Forcing people to make a written statement they don’t agree with is an obvious can of worms.

The reverse would be demanding a gay baker makes a cake with ban gay marriage written on it.


Or anyone making a cake with any message, I can easily think of lots that I wouldn’t make.


This case cost around 500,000 pounds for defense and prosecution costs combined.
That money could have bought a lot of food for the homeless or any other cause. I would guess in.China and Rusdia there must be thousands of things that you cannot write on cakes. And I guess in Germany any alleged neo nazi cakes must be banned. The UK is probably pretty much a free for all in relation to cake writing as long as the Baker is willing to write it. I wonder if hate speech is banned on cakes in Taiwan?

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Agreed. Its kind of absurd. No one should be forced to do something, unless maybe if they are publicly funded to do said job. they dont want to make the cake is their absolute right. we have no right to force them. Every company turns down customers for billions of different reasons. I dont sell our products to CCP memebers as an example. As a rule, tough pudding. They didnt sue us they just looked elsewhere, everytime. Probably on a list, but thats our freedom. As is it the rights of the public to shame them for it. that bakery can be boycotted just as easily as the bakery can boycott gays. Let the market work it out, not the courts…


#i cant bake the cake and write it too

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The market pretty much sorts these things out. I guarantee you there would be bakers in Belfast that would not bake a cake with “We love the pope” on it.

Sounds like a job for Frubert T Bunn and his gingerbread sex toys

Was that an option? Any money you spend could go to the homeless.

A smurf is born!


I agree, however not selling cakes to gay people is something that I personally think is pretty sad.

If you have morals then emm use your brain and put said brains where it counts.

Refusing to sell cakes based on sexual orientation is Taliban territory.

I remember a case in UK around 10 years ago - Christian couple providing accommodation services refused gay couple on arrival (despite it was pre-booked). The court ruled in the favour of gay couple as it was discrimination based on sexual orientation - all people shall be provided the same service.

In this case though, the baker didn’t refuse to sell a cake because of sexual orientation. The baker was not interested to provide product regardless if the customer is gay or not. All business are free to decide what services they offer but are not free to decide to whom they offer. I think the ruling is fair.


That’s an interesting point; I don’t remember hearing that before.

If I like someone I will always give them better service, why not? Service is never equal or rarely so.

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Yep, it is. The difference is the business is thier own and its their right to sink their own ship by being closed minded assholes. The shop isnt a shool, public building etc. Let em sink, while flaming.

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I.guess sales have gone up , the whole thing will have given them mass publicity.
Lesson learned, open a place, do something controversial and get free publicity.

As pointed out by many above they didn’t refuse to sell them a cake, they just refused to put the wording on the client wanted.

What i see is that the client wanted their views and beliefs respected, but refused to respect the views and beliefs of the other party.

I feel this case was motivated by money and someone was after a payout.
Making a person put a statement against something they believe in, on something they created, seams to undermine the freedoms they where supposedly fighting to protect.


I also had the same thought. Go into a loyalist neighborhood and try to pay up front for a tricolor cake and Tiochfaidh ar la written on the top.

You can’t force people to do ‘something’ just because they are a business.

Less controversial but still an interesting topic would simply be…I don’t feel like making a cake for you because you are a belligerent customer.
That seems to not be a reason to provide the cake ?

What about if you were tired and wanted to close early and refuse service to the last customer of day ?

A lot of grayzone there.