Christian bookstore; Protestant or Catholic

I am looking for Christian bookstores in Taipei that have both english language and Chinese language materials. And when I say Christian I am including both Catholic and Protestant bookstores.

I know there is a St. Pauls bookstore on the corner of Chung Hsaio and Chung Shan. I also know of the Protestant one on Chung Shan a couple of doors down from Caves. But… I need another choice. I am looking for a gift and neither of those places have what I need.


Campus books, on Roosevelt road accross from the NTU.

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there is a large christian bookstore on zhongxiao sec. 4, in basement between mingyao and sanshang department stores. don’t know about english though, never ventured in lol

They do have English stuff. But the Campus Bookstore across from NTU in Gongguan is better for English materials I think. I’d try that one first.

I think Page one in 101 might have some Christian books…

There’s a Catholic bookstore tucked inside Holy Family Catholic Church in Taipei, and another one near the train station, across the street from the legislative yuan…do you want English or Chinese books? Scholarly or popular or what?

The Baptists across the street from Tai Da have a good-sized library. So does Taipei International (formerly American) Church. And of course the universities…

The OP mentioned this one already (may he rest in peace)

Which universities? Do you mean like Fujen for Catholic books? What are the larger protestant colleges and universities in Taipei? (Taoyuan)

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