Christianity and Satanism

Every time I hear Satanists speak, they seem happy enough to me. Almost always they say they don’t believe in Satan as a real entity, and they don’t do anything to hurt anyone etc.

Soooo boring. Same with Freemasons - not even remotely interesting. At least the voodoo types sacrifice chickens - they walk the talk.

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That’s kind of true well a lot of African and South American magic is intertwined with their Christian beliefs. Hey at least you find the fundamentalists interesting do you know some of us can speak in tongues and do all sorts of magic and Solomon was no amateur when it came to magical abilities.

How do you know they don’t hurt anyone, they do not believe in forgiveness and believe in revenge a 100th fold. Actually it was never known if LaVay was a theistic or non theistic Satanist. He never wrote down all his techniques of what he termed higher magic, plenty on lower magic but mostly written by one of his daughters who finally had a mental break down and became a Buddhist.

Who said never. Christians never hurt anyone? They seem like normal people with strong stands on things like personal autonomy and the role of religion in politics, when I hear them speak. A bit weird, but fine by me.

Because Christians always turn the other cheek too, right? I see Levay said “Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek!” That’s not a philosophy I’d subscribe to either, but there is some logic to it. Unequivocal forgiveness in all cases is bullshit too.

Yet again your understanding of Christianity is flawed.

Uh. this was in his books. He was non-theistic. Didn’t even believe in Satan, except as a symbol. He did believe in magic, though, and wrote a lot about it (in The Satanic Bible, The Satanic Rituals, and The Compleat Witch (aka The Satanic Witch):

Flawed how?

Just as Christianity is flawed. Jesus was just a nice dude people seeking power decided to idolize.

Maybe it’s your understanding of Christianity that is flawed? ever thought about it that way?

and Yes, the natural order of the world really is greed. it’s just that greed is expressed in different ways, by different people. Some turn it into philanthropy (they’re greedy for the good feeling that comes from helping others), some turn it into religion and preaching against monetary greed (they’re greedy for sharing their message and ensuring we’re all ‘saved’), and so on.

Oh, back on topic: yoga can be great. Who cares if it’s origins are in Hindu spirituality? It can be for some people, and not for others… it’s all in your own mind.

Greed is real. But certainly not the natural order of things. There are people and societies that never worked for a surplus beyond what they need throughout history. This is a pretty simple way to understanding the deeper nature of man.

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He had inconstencies in that and at times referred to Satan as real not just an extension of self.

No it’s not, manifestations of evil forces, demons, such as Lilith exist in this dimensions and in others. Satan is the great deceiver and deceives you into thinking it’s all in the mind. It’s as much in the mind as if you saw a bus hitting a tree.

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I’m not really convinced by the logic offered in that piece. Most significantly, I’m not sure that that’s the impression most people have of the “turn the other cheek” instruction. I’m all for it though, and it’s obvious that like pretty much everyone most Christians don’t practice unconditional forgiveness in real life. Though there may be a time for appropriate vengeance, I am willing to forgive when appropriate and don’t like Levay’s idea myself there, so point non-unconditionally forgiving Christians I suppose. Just recognize that you’re basically like most of us then.

This thread had to remind me of this guy


Crowley started out with a great fortune both in terms of money , education and athleticism and ended up, destitute, homeless, depressed and sick. “The high will be made low and the low high”

Crowley was, probably, just a nutter.

I’ll give him credit as having charisma and he was an excellent mountaineer. Until…

Until he maaaybe got rid of his climbing partner in Everest? xD

Too much thinking of certain things is not a good sign and doesn’t make you any good. Maybe he was smart, apparently he had some sort of appeal to some, but he couldn’t be right in his mind.

I don’t find very sane to be afraid of yoga as something satanic either, tbh.