Christianity and Yoga

Are there any Christian’s here who believe the practice of Yoga (not just stretching ) as a spiritual practice can open the door to darker forces such as Satanism, Devil worship, and possession by evil spirits? Is Yoga an activity in which you would advise fellow Christians not to partake ?



like these poses?


Yoga is a tool like anything else. If you’re using it as a spiritual practice that’s not bringing you closer to the one true Christian god, then you shouldn’t do it. If you’re using it for physical benefits, then why not?

True yoga is meant to be spiritual in the Hindu belief. Doesn’t mean you can’t take some aspects that benefits you.

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if you are worried about yoga = the devil, get a good book on stretching. I have one that has stretching exercises that take five minutes that cover all types of muscle areas

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I was about to post this ( almost exactly )and then found you had written it already - thank you for not making my fingers tired. (Even though this post was almost as long as your post!!!)

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The thing is, yoga uses actual techniques proven to shown physical and mental results. Breathing techniques actually can lessen pain and relax the muscles. Stretching and loosening joints and muscles actually releases endorphins and gets more blood flow in to your muscles to feel good. Meditation works. It’s not hard to see why one would feel spiritual from doing these movements. It has nothing to do with Hindu gods and you becoming one with nature. Unless you believe that’s the way gods and nature designed all of it I guess.

should be this one

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I agree completely. I just find it fascinating the obsession some fundamentalist Christians have with dark forces, the devil, Satan, etc. .

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Pilates has all the stretching, plus extra core strengthening without any spiritual side to it.

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I never practice yoga because yoga is a religion and I don’t like cults lol

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As opposed to alt-right and global warming and Russia collusion.

Everybody’s scared of something. Every bed has a monster under it. By their fears ye shall know them.

Pay more taxes or we’ll all die.

What is a cult exactly?

When I travelled in India they were so many foreigners going to this kind of group, The first thing they always talk to me is how the change the food when they go with this “gurus”. If you change the diet to a person, sleep etc is more easy to manipulate.
I’m not saying that all the yoga is bad, but still

TL,DR: everything is a cult.

I can use the internet to search too :wink: … I am more curious as to YOUR definition of the word. I am not a fan of using this term in general - a lot of people (most often Christians) like to use this term to degrade smaller religious groups they disagree with.

On the flipside, I strongly recommend a heavy dose of skepticism when dealing with any religious group that is guru/ charismatic leader based, regardless of size or denomination / belief system.

yes I’m not Christians, I’m just pessimistic

Sounds good I’ll look into it

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IMO all religions are pretty much the same thing with different monikers.

It’s the result that counts… who cares how you got there.

Personal disclosure…
I believe in my own god and believe that god visits every being sometime in their life to answer questions and grant a wish. I wished for luck when my time came. If you want to join my cult, I’ll send you a BTC donation address.

Because they exist. Satan is all around us everyday. Satan manifests through people , by their actions, lies, greed, manipulations and other actions against the natural order. They exist and are as real as your fingers and toes.

Satan is a personification of how humanity just plain sucks and we all hate ourselves and each other with good reason. Be careful with personifications. They confuse the literal-minded.

Yoga is no more Satanic than everything else. No less Satanic, either.