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Was he crucified because he was a nice dude?


For example ?

Yeah, these are all just superstitions. You might as well be talking about the bogeyman.

There is no devil, it’s just God on a three day whiskey bender.

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So you think Jesus started a grass roots movement?

I thought high ranking muckity mucks designed Christianity for crowd control hundreds of years later. I mean, no one would have known about Christianity if Constantine hadn’t “converted” 300 or so years after some young guy’s crucifixion.

These days most Christians get preached about the God of grace and forgiveness. I guess that’s more pleasant. But back during the Protestant reformation, guys like John Calvin had some firery sermons about gods wrath.

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Some of those guys focused more on the OT god, no? He seemed somewhat less forgiving

In case you’re interested in some church history. There was a time period early to mid 1700s that was the “great awakening” in Protestantism. More focus on Puritanism and piety, also spread to the 13 colonies. During this time there was a focus on hell being a real place and the wrath of God. This preacher, Johnatan Edwards probably wrote the most famous sermon of the time.

It’s pretty different than what you’d hear at churches today If you want to do a quick skim. “Sinners in the hands of an angry God”


Revelation 20:15 - And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

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Lest we not forget “man was made in the image of God”

Surely there is a Huff Post article on this?

Was that sarcasm ?

No, there must be some form of justification for the shocking immorality expressed in this verse?

He was obviously crucified because he was a threat to the powerful. That made his fable even more powerful, especially after faking the resurrection.

who is christian?

Nice guy that faked his own resurrection lol. Ok buddy. Which is it?

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So far Test says he was a nice guy, but was crucified, somehow managed to pretend to be crucified, and then pretend he was resurrected ?

Test is putting us all to the proverbial test

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It would make David Copperfield look like a rank amateur.

Read what I said. It was a movement perpetrated by people not in power to disrupt the current balance of power at the time. That it almost died and took a long time to be successful is irrelevant. All religions are just tools to cause social change or control the sheeple.