Christians beaten by Chinese police as church is razed

From the UK Telegraph…

[quote] Christians beaten by Chinese police as church is razed
By Peter Simpson in Beijing, (Filed: 01/08/2006)

Hundreds of Chinese police clashed with thousands of “underground” Christians over the demolition of a church which was deemed to be an illegal structure.

Up to 500 police forced back as many as 3,000 Christ-ians who had gathered at the weekend to mount a peaceful demonstration against the state’s demolition of the church in the eastern province of Zhejiang.

More than 20 Christians were injured in the clashes on Saturday, while five organisers of the protest were arrested, according to the Hong Kong-based Information Centre for Human Rights and Democracy.

“The church had to be destroyed. They can explain their demands, but if they are in violation of public order, laws and regulations, we will deal with them in accordance with the law.”

China maintains tight control over religious affairs and requires all faith communities, whether Buddhist, Taoist, Muslim or Christian, to register and carry out their activities according to strict and often changed guidelines.(more at link) … hina01.xml[/quote]

Thanks for bringing to light, yet again, these horrible human rights violations by the CCP, TainanCowboy. Religious persection in the China by the CCP is not new, nor is it a secret. Yet, so many governments (US and the UK included) turn a blind eye, give the persecution lip serrvice only, and continue to invest obscene amounts of money into the CCP’s coffers. In my opinion, these Christians are fortunate. They’re lucky thier spiritual belefs aren’t branded as “an evil cult” by the CCP and thier followers are then thrown in labor/concentration camps and prisons where they are ruthlessly beaten, raped, tortured, and quite often killed for the haneous crime of believing in something else other than The Party.