"Christians" cancel prayer breakfast with Tsai

The term Christians covers a lot of ground.

god-hates-fags Romans 9 13
Christians Derpina vs. Derpette


Unfortunately true. There are Christians and then there are “Christians”.

What I find more disturbing is people who are arrogant enough to think they could ever possibly understand the mind of God. God is not human and likely to exist outside of space-time. Then how could we possibly fully comprehend why God does things. There may be a cause-effect relation to some action that we don’t understand from our perspective that only God can see from outside of space-time.

If I were god, I’d be pretty pissed with the people who think they can tell me who I have to love or not.

I think your definition of evil is wrong.

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Imo, it can be common or uncommon, but there is no wrong or right on definition.

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I guess that would depend on who is defining it. A psychopath might consider certain crimes as evil whereas his own violence is justified (e.g., Batman).

But what if we’re talking about someone who created and programmed a game? All the definitions in the game would be his. And his definitions would be absolute, right?

For example?

If Christians thought they understood the mind of God they would not use scripture would they.“The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways”

This would be under the assumption that a person never changes and always knows what they’re doing.
And that you could actually define things with a harsh line.
What is black? what is gray? What is white?
What is big? What is small? Is a small elephant bigger or smaller than a gigantic rabbit?
And under the assumption that he’d never make a mistake or create a bug.
And of course the assumption that the soft and hardware never goes wrong itself.

IMO there’s no such thing as absolute.
The only one I’m still trying to figure out is the absolute zero.
I’m under the impression that in the state of absolute zero no particles move.
But if that’s the case, does time exist in the state? :thinking:

Christian groups in Taiwan (like lots of groups in Taiwan) are short-sighted. They should look at its own demographics, and look at what’s happening in the United States.

Not only is the same-sex marriage debate over,people are getting cancelled for traditional views on the topic.

Now’s the time to entrench the right to believe whatever you want on the topic without getting cancelled.

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Sadly human mind doesn’t work that way. It’s like how ppl would point at an object in the sky and say “I don’t know what it is but it’s not from earth”
Or how some would argue that when you see a clock you know someone made it, so when you see earth you know someone made it, and that someone is called god.

They could simply say that “I dunno why it is like that but I know it’s hods work” or “I dunno what god plans for us but I know the Bible speaks truth”

There’s no point in changing their minds
When I gave it a thought, I’m not so sure what’s the difference between an unquestionable religion and brainwashing.
Also education and brainwashing.
If ppl r not allowed to doubt the creed.

If Badman is using the term of evil with the same definition with most of other people, his consideration that his own violence is justified may be wrong, but if his definitions of evil and justified are different from others’, it isn’t.

Of course Christians are allowed to doubt it is one of the main themes of Christianity “Free Will” to choose.

Actions like this is what causes me as a Christian to be embarrassed. If these Christians were real Christians, they would realize that all people need the Lord. Just because President Tsai Ing-wen supported the LBGT community it does not mean that we Christians should black mark the president by cancelling the prayer breakfast. No, I as a Christian may not agree with same-sex marriage or the homosexual lifestyle, but it does not give us Christians a right to have attitudes of hate against our neighbors.
Also I believe in the total separation of church and state. The state does things that are contrary to what the Bible says, but as long as I have my freedom to worship the God of Abraham, it’s not problem. I am not going to impose my religious lifestyle on anybody, and I think it’s time for these so-called Christians to grow up and start learning to accept people for who they are and love them as Jesus taught us to do so.

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this phrase reminds me the thread Who are Christians.
Are those “so-called” Christians believe Jesus and recognize them as Christians, or are they just using the religious as a polical/social/whatsoever tool?

They are just using the religious title as a political tool, or just a cultural title to be cultural Christians and at the same time be the worst people you could ever meet.

Ah true. I should have specified that’s only for “some Christians”

Btw my friends professor, also a Christian, said that free will is a lie told by the devil and askedy friend to stop think on her own and just follow what god says.
I was like, you sure your prof not in a cult???

For as far as I know “free will” is the most precious gift god gave to Christians…

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The Christianity I was brought up in would say the talking in her head was not God but satan, demons …If God could talk there would be no point in scripture. And any talking voices is probably mental illness :thinking:
Ask her how she knows that is God not Satan talking.

Well but the psychology that I was brought up in says otherwise…
It said that everyone has an inner voice and that voice is you.
Basically the Westworld situation

Ive always wondered if a person who’s born deaf would also have an inner voice
But that would be out of topic

Oh perhaps the confusion is “what god says”?
Basically I think it’s just what the professor says…
Like no homo, be positive, depression is Satan’s work so if you’re depressed you should fight it (in a tone that makes you believe that the professor thinks depressed ppl r possessed)