"Christians" cancel prayer breakfast with Tsai

Of course, then you have to explain why teen crime, teen drug use, teen pregnancy and teen abortion are way down; even the age of first sex is higher and number of partners is fewer.
Personally, I think it’s lead-free gas and paint, but the usual answer among Christian conservatives is to blame the Internet: “When I was your age we used to drink, take drugs, fight, steal cars and break into houses- we had to make our own fun, none of this Grand Theft Auto stuff.”
Even declining sex, pregnancy, abortion etc. is blamed on smartphones- kids these days are too busy looking at porn to go for the real thing.

Fist meat?!

The sin of Onan… :speak_no_evil:

I thought it was a hand counting to five and referring to eating meat on Friday…

The Catholic rule is that a man cannot climax except in his wife’s vagina, though manual and oral intercourse is acceptable as a means of stimulation (the Church is magnanimous and forgives accidents, but you better not do this intentionally). It is permissible to use other forms of stimulation to bring your wife to climax, but only if it is part of p-in-v intercourse.
Thus, if you say to your wife “that was great, honey” and she says “it was for you” , it is permissible to use other means to satisfy her. It’s not clear how long the permissible gap is- if this conversation is the next morning, does it still count as one act? Inquiring (Catholic) minds want to know.

If I were the Christian group, I would use the prayer breakfast to make a statement, like Ben Carson did at Obama’s.

Thanks, Mike – some of these details are new to me. Obviously we didn’t spend enough time interviewing the Catholics we abducted back in the “probe era”. :flying_saucer:

Altar boys are also acceptable at a pinch.


The whole problem with Onan was, that he didn’t respect the law. He had to take the widow of his relative as a wife (so she wouldn’t end up on the street) but rather than consummate the marriage, he busted a nut into the dust.
So it’s more a rebellion against the traditions than playing with the red helmeted yoghurt slinger for fun.


Yeah, it’s like when the Ayatollah Khomeini used to run an advice column on what was haram in sexual matters.


The word ass as it is used in Exodus 20 means donkey.
Surely the donkey is also called a jack-ass.

I’m pretty sure he’s aware of that, @Kingdomparadise