Christmas candy canes?

Is there anywhere that I can get candy canes ???

There’s a candy store on Wuchang Street in ximending selling locally made candy canes in a wide range of flavors. Think it was Sophisca brand. Didn’t try any. Close to Zhonghua rd, the street with the goose restaurant on the corner. There’s a (pretty funny) life-size electronic Santa in front, can’t miss it.

I picked up some at Watson’s. They come in boxes of 12 and are about 6 inches long.

99NT a box and the second box is 40% off.

City Super has this tiny bags, like 12 mini canes for 120nts. :astonished: Saving grace: more flavors, not just mint, but fruits. Same mini bags with chocolates in Christmasy packing, 120 to 90 nts.

Costco has a big box of them, approximately 300 in the box for about $399. Just the plain red and white ones, not too long either, perhaps about 10cm long.

Jason’s had half a dozen medium-sized, traditional ones yesterday, about $35 each, at the Christmas decorations display near the deli, approx. at the center of the store.