Christmas dinner at home in Taiwan

For the first time in the five years I’ve been in Taiwan, I am spending this Christmas with family (wife, daughter, and her parents) so this year I would like to actually celebrate and let them experience a traditional British Christmas. The problem is, our home has no oven, so cooking all but the simplest things will not be possible. My understanding is that I can buy a pre-cooked turkey from Costco, but a turkey alone does not a Christmas dinner make. Is there anywhere that I can order a full Christmas dinner from? I’m in Xinzhuang, New Taipei City but would be willing to travel thirty minutes by car if it meant being able to pick up a full dinner for four.

A restaurant is also an option. Any recommendations?


Looks like Wendel’s has the sort of thing you’re after:


This is great, thanks.

I welcome recommendations from others too!

You can get some package deals in

and Carrefour

I get one last year and it wasn’t bad!


IKEA no way! Overpriced shite.


The owner its british maybe they will make british xmas dinner style

Traditional British Christmas isn’t just about the food. Don’t forget to fall asleep in front of the telly after eating

Also, for added authenticity, at least one feud

Usually the big hotels have takeout Christmas dinners. Like Sheraton Taipei, Meridien or Sherwood.

The one year i was in taiwan my gf asked me to roast a chicken. It took me until midnight. The chicken from carrefour came complete with the head and feet, and had barely any meat compared to back home. None of the other food i made was good either. I was also wearing shorts. not christmassy at all. Hope you have better luck!