Christmas Dinner options

so what does everyone here do for christmas? i mean those of you that don’t have family to spend it with. i’m assuming there are some restaurants here that will serve some type of special christmas dinner? anyone got any suggestions?

I tried Dan Ryan’s for Xmas 2000. They promised a proper turkey dinner with all the trimmings. The servings were small, cold and pretty much tasteless. My best guess was that it had all been cooked at least a day in advance and reheated on Xmas day. A lesson well learned. Whether Dan Ryan’s has got its act together by now, I don’t know. Anyone try last year’s affair?

This will be the first Christmas that my wife and I will not be travelling. My wife has vacation time but I must work. I would like to know as well which hotel puts out the best spread. Any special Christmas day events?

I have a feeling that I’l regret not going to Thailand this year.

I was at Jake’s last year for Christmas dinner. I also went there this year for Thanksgiving. They do it quite well, very large portions, all cooked quite nicely. Not fancy decor like a hotel but i like it there.