Christmas Dinner

I guess we’ve probably left it too late but can anyone reccomend a restaurant for Christmas dinner in Taipei?

Anywhere would be ok, as long as it’s good food and plenty of drinks available.

Ain’t you lucky. Most of us have to work Xmas even though its on a Sunday.
President Chen, the man that cancelled Chrismas !

you have to work on a sunday?

Sheesh! Yeah, WolvesMon, are you like an ant or a bee or something? Why are you working on Sunday?

Looks like only one of us is working on a Sunday.

We are still looking for a better venue for christmas dinner if anyone knows anywhere.

Thanks for the suggestions by PM.

Ideally we’d like to go somewhere around 3pm (enough time to sleep off the hangover) must be traditional dinner and have drinks (other than Taiwan beer)

A Belgian Pie Christmas: