Christmas getaway?

Hi! My wife and I are 23 and from Canada. We’re working and living here in Central Taiwan in a small city called Doulio, near Chaiyi and Taichung. I’m looking for suggestions on where we can go for a couple days around Christmas time. I’m wanting to surprise her with a nice, romantic spot. I’m open to anything domestic and surrounding countries. Please keep in mind that we’re here to save money and do have a small budget.

Any suggestions at all would be great.

Alishan would be nice. High altitude, clean, fresh, with pine and firs to make you feel at home. Easy walking trails, lovely gardens and you can stay in one of the quaint cabins connected to the Alishan House, or stay in the Alishan House itself. Nice old world (Japanese) atmosphere. The House has good views, good food, the best feng shui in Alishan, and a charming atmosphere that works into you slowly. The restaurant also has one of the only English menus in Alishan. Doubles are from NT2300 up.

The Alishan House Annex is the name of the cabins. They start at NT4000.

You can usually get a discount mid-week.