Christmas lights

has anyone else noticed an increase in people decorating their houses with christmas lights? for some reason the powers that be in my neighborhood are full of the christmas spirit, the last two years the few lanes around my house have put the block back home in staten island ny to shame.

Is that a bad thing? Make you feel a little more at home maybe? HAHA! I haven’t really noticed any increase, but I have noticed more and more stores are selling them.

Yep, I like it! Puts you in the Christmas spirit. I may go with the flow and string some up myself next year.

Go for it! Why not string them up now? HAHA. Don’t you love the fact that in some resturants around the island they use them all year? I find it interesting, not good or bad, just interesting.

i’m already mentally preparing for my trip to thailand, wouldn’t fit the mood. not a bad idea though, all the neighbors still have em up and we’ll see a lot until chinese new year i’m sure.

Twelfth Night has passed - all decorations should be taken down (!)

I heard from a local that most Taiwanese leave up their lights until Chinese New Year, or even until the lantern festival.