Christmas plans

What are you doing for Christmas?

  • Working - I am Scrooge
  • working - my boss is Scrooge
  • Going Home for Christmas
  • Christmas Dinner in Taiwan
  • Christmas - Bah Humbug

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What’s everyone doing for Christmas?

I for one will be working - business as usual. :imp:
Taiwan is a great place for scrooge to work :wink:

Using the Internet to work from home that day is the best I could get.

I miss Constitution Day. :frowning:

Don’t we all? Maybe if the KMT/PFP win the next presidential election, they will reinstate it.

taking a walk with my significant other along the coast. nature rules!

I’m cooking a traditional dinner with friends in Miao Li on the weekend.

On Christmas Day, I’m going to hwun (“veg out”) at home with my girlfriend, a big-ass box of chocolate, and the “Band of Brothers” series I just bought.

If anyone knows where I can rent or buy “A Christmas Story,” the “you’ll shoot your eye out!” classic, please let me know.

Merry Christmas!


Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra, Ra Ra Ra Ra! :laughing:

I’ll take off from work early and cook a traditional Christmas dinner for the family. My situation is differnet, as I have kids, who remember Christmas from back home. They therefore expect presents and a Christmas tree. Christmas day will be business as usual… sigh

Hmmm … decisions, decisions. On the one hand, we have Tomas cooking Christmas nosh for his friends, but its down in Miaoli. On the other hand, we have Holger cooking up a storm and its just down the road in Yangmei. Plus, he’s only got a houseful of weans, so they won’t eat so much, leaving more for anyone who gatecrashes at the last minute. Hmmmm …

That sounds great, Mr. He. Kids, prezzies, Santa, roast turkey dinner and Christmas carols. Eating a huge meal and passing out early with my fly undone and then waking up later to nibble on a few leftovers (crispy bits of stuffing with gravy) and watch a Xmas tv special with the family. Sounds comforting.
Can I join you, Mr He?
By the way, does anyone know where to get a real Christmas pudding?

Some employers don’t give time off on Christmas day? :cry:

Thomas, I have that video. If you’d like to borrow it, send me a private message.

Kris kringle with the kids should ensure a wealth of presents for me :smiling_imp:. My three women bosses will be slaving away in the kitchen preparing another fantastic chrissy meal like last years :smiley: . Sadly, the only thing missing is, yeah we know, we know, not again Amos, but well, NO VB to wash down the main meal :frowning: .

Don’t we all? Maybe if the KMT/PFP win the next presidential election, they will reinstate it.[/quote]

Yes, that’s likely, but who else will want to celebrate the adoption of the PRC’s constitution? :cry: They’ll probably move it to Oct 1st anyway.

Here is an advertisement:

[color=red]Stuck for something to do on Xmas eve?
Xmas dinner with live music.
Nook Cafe Theatre
No. 12, Sec. 3, Chengde Rd., Taibei
Over the footbridge from Minquan MRT
NT$ 520 per person, 1000 for two people
BOOK!!! by phoning 2599 1508 and talking in Chinese!
If you want veggy food, say very clearly “wo zhuanmen chi su”
Live music starts at 8. Better to start your meal earlier - say 7.[/color]

Just helping my girlfriend put bums on seats! She runs the place.

Christmas Eve service this evening, with the kids opening gifts after. Dad works tomorrow; 5-year-old goes to school half day and I’ll pick him up early so we can have chocolate-stuffed Oreos and milk and play with presents. :slight_smile: No big dinner this year. :frowning:


In Germany, I would have half a day off today, would have the main Christmas thing tonight (Christmas service, big diner, presents, possibly all in my parent’s place with my siblings and their partners), would go to see my mum’s parents tomorrow, would go to see my dad’s parents the day after tomorrow and might (or might not) go back to work on friday.

Here, I will work all day today and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow (hopefully not too late). I might drop in at my neighbour’s tonight to at least share some Christmas cookies. But as they are not into Christmas, and I don’t feel very christmassy myself this year, I’ll probably just spend the evening cleaning up my apartment, surfing on Segue or watching a DVD with my cat :?

To all those Germans out there (dl7und, Rascal, anybody else?):

Froehliche Weihnachten und einen schoenen Abend


Work, work and still work. It’s a working Christmas here in Taipei.
They plan a party here at my office at 5:30 tonight and the main program is exchanging cadeau. I think I’m too old for this. The mere fact that I have to spend an NT 250 on gift and the time to search for it just discourages me.

I’ll go to the 9 o’clock mass tonight at the Holy Family with my gf and catch a dinner afterwards. I miss Christmas in Jakarta. We were carolling at community’s house. We staged choral perfomance, drama, and had a big luncheon. We danced at Christmas eve to the tune of swing and chacha. That was then. This is now:(