Christmas play?

Does anyone know where I could find the English text of a Christmas play that would be suitable for about 15 fairly bright 7-8 year-olds? Something like A Christmas Carol or Charlie Brown’s Christmas. There isn’t much of anything in the book stores in Yilan County. Are there some book stores in Taibei I should check out? Or should I just look at an online book store? I guess I could write up/translate my own, but I’m too lazy.


I think you will have a hard time here finding a play but last year I remember seeing a book of “short plays for all seasons” at Caves. If you have something in mind just write your own or better yet let the kids take part in writing one with you as they are “bright” and I am sure you could easily incorporate what they have been doing in class with you or their teacher. I was thinking of writing a “santa’s workshop” type thing as there would be loads of opportunity for different characters.

let me know if you have any ideas as I too am thinking Christmas play right now.


you haven’t started your christmas play already? oh my, the clock is ticking. contact your local kaiser kastle rep. they make alot of these things for kindy shows:scripts, music, prop/costume tips which are all neatly “in the can.” if your local office is too inept, hit the corporate office in TPE. they have a marketing tie-in with caves so you might find such sitting on the shelf.