Chrome stopped showing embedded Youtubes

Not a big deal but the embedded youtube videos are not being displayed in Chrome. Firefox shows them fine though.

Chrome Version 23.0.1271.91 m
Firefox 17.0

Do a search, newbie. :unamused: … 0&t=114960

Clear browser cache, and delete the “https://” prefix in the URL.

It is a different problem although similar jp.


Any difference E?

yes, but the code is the same.

except you are using test labels. can we use that now?

I don’t think it is. I modified it slightly. This should be only one with this code. Is it working when others aren’t? I’ll feel really smart if so.

Right, the test label carries a bit different code.

What about this?


PS: no shouldn’t use them now, they might likely be changed.

To avoid wasting people’s time since your code works in both lets debug this in our own time. Sorry for any umbrage, everyone.

[quote=“Tempo Gain”]What about this?


PS: no shouldn’t use them now, they might likely be changed.[/quote]

hey awesome, chrome has not worked for me for awhile. and removing the http doesnt work either.

id had to use I>E>

even firefox didnt work.

anyway it seems to work now, at least on this page i could see the vids.

by the way, what the heck was that music? sounds like the intro to a horror film.

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url link

youtube link

tg temp solution:


using tg temp solution for application: NOT SAFE FOR WORK. :nsfw: :nsfw: :nsfw: :nsfw: :nsfw: :nsfw: :nsfw:


:nsfw: :nsfw: :nsfw: :nsfw: :nsfw: :nsfw: :nsfw:


well, there you go.

Works fine with your mod TG.

Most excellent. Going to post a test thread now to see if any unexpected issues pop up.

Everyone should listen to that one in the dark on a good pair of headphones at least once Tommy :slight_smile: