Chromecast with Google TV (Chomecast 4th Gen)

Most networks or providers can detect if you’re using a VPN now so it’s a little more complicated and stealthy. Astrill has a router script that gets past this, but still need moderate networking knowledge.

Another way is if your computer or notebook has HDMI out or casting capabilities. Sign up for Astrill. Turn on Astrill software on your computer. Set it to somewhere in the USA. Sign up for YouTube TV or SlingTV or whatever service you want. Open the “TV service you’ve chosen” on your computer in a browser. Cast or use HDMI out to your TV.

Seems like the somewhat standard price in Taiwan. Online around $2300.

Google says they’re not region locked but are region designed to work better in those regions.

There is nothing Chinese on or in this box. It’s all English. Made in Thailand.

The best thing about Google TV is having access to the PlayStore. Then you can run apps like Nova Video Player that automatically tag and sort media, retrieve descriptions, posters and backdrops for your media and stream it from your NAS.

Most TVs already have it built in now, so need need for the extra USB stick.

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Unless you have a Samsung TV that runs the Samsung OS Tizen.

Just set my Google TV up. Works great in TW.

You don’t need a VPN


I didn’t know it has voice activated Google Assistant until I watched a video about it.

Can say things like “Play Black Widow on Netflix” and it will just start.

Can say things like “Play Black Widow’ and it will give you all the options to pick from like Netflix, Apple TV, etc.

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LG has WebOS too. Plex is available on both fortunately.

If I had to add something, I’d choose a HTPC or Roku Ultra.

Already set it up. Maybe the easiest connected electronics I’ve ever set up. Seems so effortless and quick to use. Lots of services.

I noticed that anyone using the TV has access to my YouTube including history, playlists, library :unamused: No way to password protect. I deleted the YouTube app, but anyone can add the app again easily and then up comes the YouTube app with my private YouTube information automatically. This is because the whole set-up is using my Google account. Maybe one workaround is to have a separate Google ID and account just for use with Chromecast.

Currently, you can add more than one user to a Chromecast with Google TV, but the home screen recommendations do not change whatsoever. Instead, they only show the content that resides in the primary account’s library.

Isn’t that just the description for any old TV?

Sure, for any old TV.

Chromecast with Google TV addition to any old TV is not any old TV.

It’s somewhat similar to a computer where private information resides, in this case, personal private YouTube account information. But like a TV anyone can turn it on and access without a password.

Of course google tv works without VPN. But everything will still be georestricted to Taiwan. All of my subscriptions are USA based. SlingTV, Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, Crunchyroll, Funimation, etc. That’s why my need for VPN.

If you use Hulu in Taiwan via a vpn to the west can you select Chinese subtitles?

It’s on a per show basis. If the show uploaded them than yes. For example “Invincible” which is a popular show made in English has Chinese subtitles available on Amazon Video. The studio who makes the show decides. Unless Closed Captions are available but usually the translation isn’t as good. So it’s a 50/50 chance of Mandarin subtitles being available from what I’ve seen on Netflix and Hulu

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This could be fixed soon , with multiple user profiles with personalized home pages

You can add more than one account on your Google TV so you can sign in to services with multiple accounts , however the homescreen and its recommendations are personalized to the tastes of the primary account

Also some other changes that could make Google TV better

Hope they fix the privacy issues soon.

Don’t want the wrong person to stumble upon my youtube video search history on something like “how to trim butt hair”, not that I have ever searched for that.

What’s on YouTube that requires privacy? It’s not 4chan. :joy:

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Another privacy concern.

Anyone can view your private Google Photos by going into settings and turning them on for Ambient Mode.

Edit: Google Photos can be viewed via Ambient Screen but can be hidden from access via the Google Home app.

Another reason never to store photos online. :grin: