CHT internet slowdown for U.S. torrents?

I’ve had Chunghwa Telecom internet service at home for three years. Starting a week ago, Legal torrents I regularly download from the U.S. suddenly started slowing to about 10% of their previous three years’ speed. The sources don’t see any issues, and my home network shows no issues. I’ve also used various ISP service measure tools to verify that my internet service is the same as it’s always been. For example:

the Glasnost test at
the speed test at

all show nothing amiss. So I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing any kind of similar slowdown, or if there’s some new and known issue? I did have some downloads of files posted on the web appear to slow down for a while, but now it’s only the torrents–I believe the rest of the internet stuff I do is operating normally. I thought since it’s torrents, there might be some kind of throttling involved, but the above tests indicate there’s no throttling. It’s weird that things have suddenly changed for no reason after three years, so please post if you’ve experienced anything similar.

Yes, I’ve experienced the same and not using CHT. My torrent client is utorrent. What is yours?

utorrent has been demanding I upgrade and I think it might be due to that reason. However, if I’m patient, over the next 20 to 30 minutes, the speeds increase to normal levels.

Is your torrent client due for an upgrade too?

I’ve recently experienced the exact same thing, (on Chungwa and despite a 50MB line, only dl at 100k or less) and I also haven’t updated my utorrent. I’ll take Charlie’s advice and update that tonight and see if it helps.

My client is Transmission 2.77. This isn’t a torrent client update issue. Not only do the above web diagnostics show no problem, but I also had the webmaster at the site I use look into my problem, and he says there’s no issue on their side. It looks like CHT has started selectively throttling torrents because other services don’t appear affected. I plan to go to a CHT office on Thursday to inquire/complain. I mean, this is a huge reduction in service. My torrents from a private tracker are have been running at almost exactly 10% of what they used to. One problem will be that the non-technical front desk people will immediately start going through a troubleshooting script that deflects the bad service onto the user. But I’ll tell them that other people are reporting the same problem, so maybe they’ll then be able to inquire with an engineer and get a straight answer.

Quite frankly, I’ve got no use for 2MB/s download speeds except for torrents. 500k would be plenty. I can “threaten” to move to another telecom, but I assume that if CHT is doing this then the other ones are, too. What other companies have home DSL?

Did people suddenly start experiencing the slowdown around 3/11?

Haven’t experienced any problems.

Just tested and it’s working normally for me.

Could people reporting good performance please say which torrent client they have observed giving full-bandwidth downloads?

Mine was uTorrent.

Thanks. I did a quick test, and it looks like utorrent works ok for me. I’ll have to investigate why my previous client has suddenly started downloading much more slowly.

CHT is fine for me

I used to be getting 2 or 3 M but recently it’s been 200k if I am lucky… something is definitely going on.

I changed torrent clients, and I’ve seen combined speeds of over 600Kb/s. Up until March 11, I’d regularly see speeds over 2Mb/s, but it’s impossible to make an accurate estimate since it depends on which torrents you’re downloading. I would think that if, over the span of several weeks, I NEVER see speeds get above 700Kb/s, then I also have to conclude something’s going on. But is there any way to tell if it’s due to CHT, or something else? The measurement tools indicate that CHT isn’t throttling, and yet I don’t other (international) members of the tracker I use complaining about slowdowns.

Having the same problem here, using uTorrent. Previously could max out connection with most torrents, maxing out at 6/700 now.

You’re in Tianjin? That would prove it’s not just a CHT issue.

Haha, no, Xindian, just never got round to updating my profile…50/10 connection btw

So, anyone want to query CHT? There’s a small possibility they’ll have a useful answer, thought they’ll probably just read from their standard troubleshooting script.

I called them last week, they had me turn off the modem and then did something their end, didn’t make a hat of difference anyway. They could only organize an engineer to come to my home before 6pm, which was useless to me. They promised they would call on Friday to arrange a time to come around on Saturday, they didn’t, but I did have a couple of missed calls Saturday noon, I wasn’t going to hang around all day Saturday on the offchance they would call. If it’s an off island issue a site visit won’t help at all, they don’t guarantee any off island performance.

I’m not seeing any kind of similar reports from people outside of Taiwan. As I mentioned, the webmasters at a private torrent tracker told me they haven’t seen any problems and don’t see anything wrong with my account. Online diagnostics (I provided links above) indicate that the CHT service isn’t throttling. But that doesn’t rule out a selective kind of torrents-only throttle.

My offering an engineer’s service, they’re denying that they’re doing anything intentional, so it doesn’t sound promising. Of course, I’ll give that a try and make the appointment with the engineer, and also try restarting my modem.

I just spent another 40mins on the phone to them. First thing they claimed changing to a fixed IP would fix the issue, I’m already on a fixed IP. Changed lot’s of settings, restarted PC several times, restarted modem several times, changed everything back to the way it was, now total about 200kB/s download speed so a little worse than before. An engineer will call me during working hours…

I’ve also got a fixed ip. That 200KB/s sounds about right, though I did see 600k-700K when first started using a different torrent client. Did you mention to them that only torrents are affected?