Chunghwa: prepaid 3G with data and tethering

Chunghwa has responded to Vibo’s offering prepaid 3G. If you have a 2G Chunghwa prepaid card, just go to a Chunghwa office and ask for a 3G prepaid USIM (which requires a 3G phone, of course). By swapping the SIM for a USIM, you’ll not only have internet access on your mobile phone, but can tether it to a notebook PC (assuming you have the right cable, drivers, and incantations). It takes a day or two for the network provisioning, so the Chunghwa rep will give you a 3G card and tell you what date to swap the 3G USIM for the 2G SIM. There’s no charge for the swap.

What a contrast with Japan, where prepaid SIMs and USIMs are prohibited by law.

Isn’t that an anti-terrorism thing? In the UK I know you have to register, same as here, so maybe they feel safe in the knowledge of having your contact details and passport information?

Still, sounds like good news. How much does it cost to use though?

Several years ago, some kidnappers in Japan used prepaid phones (not even prepaid SIM cards, but phones without SIM cards), so the government response was to ban the sale of prepaid SIM and USIM cards. Japanese logic. Prepaid phones are easy to get at most conbeni (convenience stores), but (U)SIM cards are verboten.

As for 3G prepaid data costs, it’s so new, it’s not on the website and the Xindian Zhonghua office didn’t know what the data rates were. I picked up my 3G USIM today, and plan to call the helpdesk tomorrow to learn the rates.

Hahahahahahahahah… :bravo: :notworthy:
Talk about excellent customer service by CHT :noway:
Well, please let us know when you find out, as this might become useful for me during Computex.