Chunghwa Telecom shops in Taipei

I forgot to pa my bill, now I need to go to one of their ‘shops.’ Any idea’s where they are in Taipei, preferably in/ near to Tienmu… I checked their web page but they English service is rubbish.

i had this problem before. do you have your bill? on the back it says that you can pay your bill at the specified atms as well. someone told me that these machines can be found at 7-11 (which i did not find). the other option is the Hsinchu bank atm (which i did find). I don’t remember the exact name of the bank, maybe someone can decipher the chinese for you.

Their English site is fuggin useless…

Try 0800-080-412 (24 hours) or 02-8912-4181 (M-F during office hours)… I believe these are their internet service numbers, but I’m sure they can answer your question for ya.