Chunghwa Telecom

Is there a Chunghwa telecom place near an MRT station? I want to buy a prepaid sim card from them.

You can buy it in any convenient store, like 7-11.

Do you mean Chunghwa (Zhonghua) Telecom?

ya that one. i tried your linky, man their english website sucks.

Not anymore. Or have they reversed that too?

Not anymore. Or have they reversed that too?[/quote]

You can buy from any 7-11 closed to you. Only you have to do is to show your passport and fill out the stupid form (God! that was complicated application.) Even I was confused when I bought prepaid sim card first time.

I recall that it didn’t require you any ID or process 6 years ago.[/quote]

no you can’t buy a simm card at 7-11. I went to Chunghwa and bought a prepaid simm. it was very easy. I brought my passport and ARC. I filled out a form and I got to pick my card out. The total was 300NT and it included 300 minutes. The card can be recharged at 7-11. It also comes with instructions in English, and the card was working right away.