Chunghwa to introduce fast fiber-optic network … 2003177156
Has anyone gotten this service yet? I couldn’t find it on the Chunghwa Telecom website. Has it started yet?

By the way, that Automatic Pinyinizer is screwed up. I am talking about the Proper name of a company and it changed the name of the Telecom company. Put a muzzle on that pit bull will ya?!

Chunghwa Telecom is a bit quick on the draw when it comes to announcing product rollouts. See the other thread about their 8M ADSL service which was supposed to rollout on June 1. Here it is middle of July and while it is on their website, you can’t actually order it yet.

I found a Chinese FAQ in the Business Services section. I doubt that they’re doing the FTTH part yet.

You could order it and have it installed since June 1st. They will however discourage you from applying when you call them, it’s also not a guaranteed 8M, they guarantee 2M with the possibility of 8M, due to the way they are sharing bandwidth amongst users.

I received a mailing with 2M and 8M service, but they have a minimum 2 year contract. My ARC is only a one year deal, so they won’t let me get the special low rates.