Chunghwa Voicemail Questions

I would like to know how to change the voicemail prompts to English. My search found no answers on Forumosa or Chunghwa’s English site.

If it is not possible to change to English, how can I at least:

  1. record a personalized message
  2. skip, replay, delete messages

Their customer service answered my email the same day. Here is their answer:

[quote]Many thanks for your inquiry.

There are 2 methods to change your messages from Chinese to English language.

  1. Pls dial 777 from your mobile phone→ listen to your messages →
    main menu (主要選項) → press 4: fax, another options menu (傳真及其他選項) →press 1:language options menu (語言選擇) →press 4 :English(英文)

  2. Pls kindly provide your personal information (such as: ARC No, Passport No, address…etc.) to our mobile service center to change the service for you.

If you still have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our 24- hour Customers Service Center toll free number 0800-080090. (Dial 800 from your handset). Thank you!

Best Regard,
Customer care department
Chunghwa Telecom
Mobile business group

And it worked!