Here’s an interesting question… are there protestant churches in Taipei. If so, do they offer any services in English? And, what are their denominations?


LJ, soon to be “Too Tall For Taiwan” or “2Tall4TW” for short. :smiley:

Hi Too Tall,

There are quite a few Christian chuches and many have English services. I can’t really tell the Catholic from Protestant ones unless it’s obvious in the name. Here are some that I got out of my handy dandy Taipei Living Book:

AGAPE Int’l Christian Center

Calvary Int’l Baptist (Yangmingshan)

Church of Christ

Church of Christ, Roosevelt Rd.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Church of the Good Shepherd

Wow there’s a lot… here’s two more but there’s 2 more pages in my book.

Friendship Presbyterian Church (some friends of mine go to this one)
Roosevelt Rd.

Good News Church

HTH, hope you find one you like.

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A good place to also find this information is in Saturdays China Post. They almost always list churches that have services on Sunday, you could also call them if you want more information.


I believe that there is a gay-friendly Prebyterian church in Taipei, although I’m not sure if it is the Friendship Presby church.

Perhaps someone might have more info.

What about Catholic churches? None of the ones in the paper say they are Catholic, bu8t what with large numbers of Phillipinos here, I would expect there must be a fair few (although I don’t knwo what language the liturgies would be in). I’m no papist or anything, just asking for when my olds come over.


Sacred Heart Catholic Church
22 Hsin Hai Rd. Sec. 1
Sunday service 11am

St John’s Cathedral
280 Fu Hsing S. Rd. Sec 2
Sunday worship 8:30

St. Christopher’s
51 Chung Shan N. Rd. Sec 3
(too crowded!!!)

Mother of God Catholic Church
171 Chung Shan N. Rd. Sec 7
English mass Sat 7pm Sun 10am, 12 noon, 7pm


Thanks a lot. Is St Christopher’s the one that loads of Phillipinos go to and then socialise after all day Sunday?


That’s the one… it’s way too crowded but it was walking distance from where I used to live.


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Well, you know my wife Song Meiling got me into church from time to time, but it never really took. I was too busy hanging out with gangsters and accumulating wealth and power at the expense of my compatriots. Sorry about that.

Anyway, I was sort of thinking about making tentative moves back to the church. An English language service, something protestant, not too evangelical, with a good musical tradition would be nice. Are there any congregations in Taiwan that sing in four part harmony, with actual music in the hymnals and not just printed words?

CKS, a good friend of mine attends Friendship Presbyterian Church. She says the first part of the service is about 20 minutes of songs.

5, Lane 269, Roosevelt Rd. Section 3

Phone: 2362-1395
Sunday Worship is at 10:45am


[quote=“Fr. Jonah”]The Orthodox Church is now in Taiwan. We have a small place in Tianmu. Visit our (web) site to see our activities. We welcome everybody indepentently of their religion.

I am Fr. Jonah, a priest monk from Mt. Athos - a monastic center in Greece that is more than 1,300 years old. I will be very happy to exchange any religious and cultural information.[/quote]
CONTACT: Fr. Jonah Mourtos/Fr. Jonah Lee Liang
TEL. 0916-541-401/02-2876-9080

I go to Holy Family Church across

CKS, I went to the Grace Baptist Church on Christmas Eve and the oratio was great! They have their own chamber orchestra with electronic organ accompanying the choir and a number of soloists. Truly great performance. They have a bilingual service on New Year’s Eve at 11 PM.

Hsin Sheng South Road, Section 3, #90
Taipei, Taiwan 10660 R.O.C.
(Near the corner of Roosevelt and Hsin Sheng South Road, across from Taiwan National University and next door to Mcdonalds)

Email :
Phone: (02) 2362-5321, ext. 140 or 132

where can i find an english speaking church with a nursery for babies?

The Church Of Juses Of Latter-Day Saints
1F., No.5, Lane 183, Jinhua St., Da-an District, Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Taipei English Ward :laughing:

These links might help:

I know Grace has an English Sunday School class for kids at 11:20AM in lowest level and nursery during the 10AM service. They also have a ‘crying room’ set up in the back with glass wall so you can see the service and a speaker to hear everything clearly. The little ones can be loud and you don’t have to worry about disturbing anyone. Been there; tried it with my 2 yr. old!

Any eastern orthodox or coptic churches on the island?

any youth christian church around taipei?

Agape ICA
2pm English service for map and details