Churches in Taipei

Can anyone suggest churches in Taipei that will perform marriage ceremonies? Preferably a legal ceremony but if not at least a nice church setting.

Any particular denomination?

There are some on Xin Shen South Rd. Just opposite the National Taiwan University and Da-An Park. And most of them are different denomination, maybe you can find one. Sorry I don’t know the English for denomination. Cann’t help you so much.

I was raised as a non-denominational protestant after my mom split from her Lutheran church. I haven’t been to a service in the 2.5 years I’ve been here and my fiance is not religious. So a picturesque church that is open to non-member weddings is what we are looking for.

Picturesque church…
That’s hard, hehe.
I think Lutheran church is opposite the side gate of NTU campus. Chinese is 真理堂. They just demolished there beautiful old building two years ago. Another choice is the Church next it, Grace Baptist Church懷恩堂. I’m not sure do they held wedding ceremony. But they have place to lease and good English services. here is the website

Denomination is jiao-pai. (Can you read that? Sorry, I can’t type characters.) In other words, what religion are they…? Catholic? Baptist? What?

Most churches will perform weddings–if one of you belongs to that church (or at least, to that denomination). If the bride and/or the groom is a Christian of some sort, he or she should already have an idea of which church to go to. They (or their relatives) should just go ask the priest or minister directly.

If the couple is not really religious, but just looking for a picturesque church to get married in, then some churches will allow this–others won’t. They will generally expect money. Here you have to distinguish between two different things: (a) renting the church itself, and (b) getting a priest or minister to perform the ceremony. And do you want organ music and flowers? That’s extra.

If this is your situation–not really religious, just want to be married in a church–then I’d suggest one of the Episcopal churches (Church of England, Sheng Gong Hui).


Whoops–sorry, overlooked your second post. So you’re a Lutheran. Does the prospect of a Lutheran wedding appeal?

And oh yeah–congratulations!

This is my situation. Luthern, Epicopal, Chabuduo. I would probably want the minister to perform a ceremony, so I certainly expect there will be costs involved. I’m finding that the process of acquiring a wife involves a good deal of expense so what is one more fee.

I rode up to Yangmingshan and found a Baptist Church there, but I haven’t been able to drag myself out of bed on Sunday morning to meet the minister.

Edit: checked out this church, and it’s nice but they don’t marry just anyone. Only people who are looking to join their church. Also require premarital counsel and NTD 20,000.