CIA operatives in Taiwan

I don’t mean real CIA spies as such, but as everyone knows, the CIA (and the intelligence agencies of many Western countries such as France, Australia, Germany, UK etc, Japan, not to mention Red China) … do have intelligence operatives over here, living here among us, working here among us, sure. Gotta be, right? I know they got them in Bangkok and Seoul, and probably in Tokyo, too.

So who are they, and how can one spot one?

For example, that old woman who runs that boring monthly magazine in Taipei, she could very well be doubledipping for some extra spy work, no? Probably not, since she produces one of the most boring mags on Earth, but then who are the CIA moles here.

Do they work at the English papers as copy boys or as major editors? Are they locals or foreigners? Or do they work for the government as translators or as English teachers or what?

Did anyone ever know a CIA operative overseas? i guess they cannot exactly come out say who they are, that would spoil their cover, but they might even be here on Oriented, for God’s sake!

they live incountry and gather news and info to send back or relay to USA or London or Tel Aviv or wherever. I don’t want to know names, impssible, and I certainly don’t want to blow any covers, but what exactly is going on is this regard?

Any stories? Anyone know about this stuff?

Do they get paid ptime salaries or fulltime and how long do they usually stay incountry? Anyone who has been here over 10 years could very well be moonlighting for the CIA, it would make sense.

But who and how? I’ve always been curios about this, having failed my foreign service exams in DC after college. (Yes, I wanted to be a spy, dammit, like William F Buckley, my hero!)

Check with AIT. The CIA station chief should have a desk there.

I have two and a half words for you: Poa. Gao.

The typical field agent would have a boring desk job 9-5 in AIT or something similar. In the evenings and weekends he would do his ‘spying.’ He gets paid for both jobs, including his day cover, and is just as responsible for those duties as his fellow non-spy coworkers. Of course, this is the ‘standard’ US citizen, Langley-trained field agent; I’m sure there would be other MOs. is my secret
agent man wannabe photo. The theme for is ‘they
caught me red handed copying down utility box codes’, all part of my
“too busy starring in my own exotic adventure” ego-trip. I got the
inspiration from the in-laws, who were convinced I was a spy.

Isn’t ICRT the old American Armed Forces Radio? That would be another place for “information specialists” to hang out. Just put your listening station in with the other antennas.

CIA often uses international aid agencies. Any of those in Taiwan?


I thought all operatives worked in Florists or something like that?

If even 1.0% of Taiwan’s flower retailers/wholesalers are intelligence operatives, then Taipei alone must have something like 10,000 “agents” reporting back to other countries.
That doesn’t even include the weekend “flower market.”
Watch out, you never know who’s bugged your orchid!

Oh yeah. Hi big brother.

This posting will self destruct in five seconds…

Originally posted by Fuzzball: I have two and a half words for you: Poa. Gao.

NO WAY, man!

Hey… wait a minute… this is really a great question! I have one very bright man on my suspect list.

OK, fess up time. I work for SMERSH. Have done for years. That’s me in the middle, doing some undercover work. Don’t tell anyone.

Originally posted by Fuzzball: I have two and a half words for you: Poa. Gao.
Which explains why he is always surreptitiously taking photos with his digital camera. "It's for my blog!", he says. Sure, sure. Whatever you say, spook. [img]images/smiles/icon_rolleyes.gif[/img]

BTW, I have it from good sources that his code name is “Pig Sticker”.

QUIRKY: so gives us a hint without naming names. and Poa Gao does not count. He aint CIA, come on!

“Hey… wait a minute… this is really a great question! I have one very bright man on my suspect list.” DISH!

My name is Quirky. U.S. Citizen. Social Security Number 478-55-5487.

Wait a minute, of course! It’s Christine! Think about it - dual nationality, slips across borders with the greatest of ease, in and out of CHina and other Pacific rim countries. Monthly “networking” with fellow operatives, and a blog that contains coded messages to some guy called “lol”. Also explains why she always orders her Cosmopolitans “shaken, not stirred”.

Dont encourage her Maoman - she will now write a 10-page on her website outlining how ‘funny’ Taiwan is and everyone thinks she is a spy. She knows she is talented but how on earth could she multi-task and add spying to her already hectic schedule of investor relations, bar hopping, blogging and happy hours!?

Not sure if this is relevant, but I worked at Wendy’s in high school, and they actually had a spy at McDonald’s.

Local urban legend has it that the Nanking E. Rd. Hardees was actually a CIA cover. ANyone else heard that one?

“Psssst, ya want fries with that microdot?”