Cigarette butt deposits

I see airtrays outside, some are on the back or sides of :wastebasket: trashcans, some are local smokers hotspot, some are attached to :evergreen_tree: i see enough , but its more convenient to look for a sewer grate or just fling it

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That’s a thing. There was a story about a guy waiting for something who smoked over a pack, tossing each out the window of his car, while someone filmed him. The minimum fine is about $4000 each, if I remember.
There are scooter drivers whose sidehustle is to drive around looking for smokers, take pictures of their license plate and them tossing the butts, and report them. It pays better than FoodPanda, but with fewer customers.

Not only scooters , also cars , trucks, bus drivers

The police has a website to report any traffic violation (交通違規檢舉聲明) , however I don’t know if you can get paid or not , as well if foreigners are allowed to make a report or not

sources and more info:

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Omg… :pray:
So wait… they pay you to report smoking :smoking:?
Im a foreigner yes but i could record and have my gf bring to :policeman:‍♂

If you are riding scooter/driving a car and smoking then you are violating Article 31-1 from Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act

so someone could take a photo and report to police , specially the “professional” informers (檢舉達人)

Cash rewards are offered for mostly environmental violations such as not cleaning up after one’s dog or littering, with the bulk of the money going to informers. Last year, Taipei’s leading whistleblower reported 3,705 cases and earning NT$810,000; the top five claimed nearly 75 percent of the total budget.

But many are not in it for the dough. Last year the Taipei Police Department’s Traffic Division received over 870,000 citizen reports of traffic violations that did not pay — most of them for illegal parking. These informers say they do it because the justice system has failed to curb violations, many of which could prove deadly.


You cant ride a scooter or drive a car while smoking? Can you ride a bicycle and smoke?
So smoking is banned everywhere? Smoking in your house is ok?
And vaping is 100% illegal… omg

Legal or possible? It possible, but the cig burns down too fast.

I think its possible to ride in a car and smoke especially with windows up

But if its illegal that sucks

I ride slow and puff cigars they dont go that fast

Cigars should be leisurely enjoyed. Can’t do that in traffic, and you can’t smoke in parks.

I know about parks, i guess im a bad boy while smoking and riding my bicycle