Cigarettes: how much?


How much for a pack of smokes there?


Like NT$55 a (20) pack.
Probably cheaper (or WAY cheaper) than where you are.
If you prefer UK/Canadian/Israeli/Indian-style tobacco (Players, DuMaurier, Export) as opposed to American/Japanese (Marlies, Mild 7), the local smokes are NT$15 cheaper.

Heh. Great. Even less incentive to quit. About 1/10th of the cost here.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Yeah, the monetary cost is cheaper here, but if you factor in the additional air pollution compared to where you’re at now, you probably pay by getting lung cancer in two lungs instead of just the one.

Seriously, no need to buy cigarettes here. Just stand on the street during rush hour and inhale. It’s like smoking, but it’s free.

It’s maybe free, but it’s NOT like smoking!!!
(just trying to quit: I can stand on the streets for HOURS, I still want to smoke…)

Go Shiner. You can do it. Don’t try…do! etc etc.

well, I’m surprised a few months ago it WAS cheap but NOW, it’s depressing.

Not smoking is even cheaper.

Don’t heed the naysayers. I love smoking. If ciggies were NT$2000 a pack, I’d still smoke 3 packs a day. I wish I had two mouths so I could smoke more than two at a time.

There are ways. I seen it in Patpong.

There are ways. I seen it in Patpong.[/quote]
Naughty Boy, sanddog.
But, now that you brought it up, I kinda miss them kinda shows. Any around here? :discodance: