Cigars all 'round for Mr He!

I received a rather excited call from a certain Dane earlier this evening. He has a new addition to his family in the form of a baby boy. I want to extend my congratulations to two of my better friends in Taiwan! Mr He, you and your wife are simply the best people I’ve met in Taiwan and some of the best I’ve known in my life. I wish you and your family every blessing imaginable.

And your wife is simply amazing. Literally the day before giving birth, she still came out with you to meet Ingrid and me for lunch and accompany us all on the trip to Shimen dam. Wow!

Congratulations Mr. He!

Aw Christ! The Dane’s done spawned again?

All the best to Mr and Mrs He and the other little lurvlies!

Still, it might be best to consider a forced snip before a wild tribe emerges down that way.


Woo-hoo. Congrats.

Well done Mr. He!

Welcome to the world Little He!

Best to the mom and dad!

Ms. He’s farewell salute to the doc when leaving the delivery room: “See you in 2 years”. I think I wait with the snip, honestly, as I think the SO is aiming for Irish twins.

Thank you everybody, I have had a rather longish day, however a fair less strenious one than Ms. he.

The little boy is very cute, he looks like his mothewr, however he’s a shy and silent guy like his old man.

He would appear to be taking the recent development rather well, Ms. He is very sore, however she had a very fast delivery for a first timer, only 5 hours, so there’s an explanation to that one.

Thank you again, I am off to bed.

Congrats! With all the babies being born, it’s time for, I think!

Congratulations, Mr. He! That’s fantastic news!

BTW, I still have the Coleman tent… but, I bet you’ll be busy with the little one for a while. But, if you do get into Taipei, give me a few days notice and we’ll try to arrange a pick-up.

Well done Mr HE! Will the entrepreneur meetings have a more infantile spin for a while?

Congratualtions Mr. He.

Great news.

Hey, Mr He. Let me be the VERY FIRST to congratulate you on the birth of your son! May you manage to sleep at some stage in the next three months. :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats Mr. He!

Best to you and the Family.

Nice one, H. Hearty congratulations to both of you.

Congratulations, Mr. He! Try to keep him away from the pipe for a while, at least.


A Hearty Tillykke! to The Clan of The Great Dane. :bravo: :thumbsup:

I guess I still owe you a beer or more.
Yet, I’ll let you get your rest.
You’ll need all your strength for the trials and tribulations of the next few months.
“Once More Unto The Breach…” :grandpa:


Congratulations to you and family!

Good job Mr He! :bravo: Be sure to post some pics for us too! :sunglasses: