CIHL Hockey Playoffs | Win a trip for 2 to Hong Kong

[color=red]The CIHL HOCKEY PLAYOFFS kickoff Friday, May 11th. [/color]

Last year hundreds of fans came out to enjoy the CIHL finals, making for a great experience on and off ice.

Come out this year and make it even better.

[color=blue][b]Quarter Finals: FRIDAY 11th MAY[/color][/b]
9:20pm 2nd place TIGERS vs. 7th place RHINOS

10:40pm 3rd place LIONS vs. 6th place RAPTORS

12:00am 4th place WOLVES vs. 5th place SHARKS

[color=blue][b]Semi Finals: SATURDAY 12th MAY[/color][/b]
9:20pm 1st Seed Bears vs. Lowest Seed survivor of Friday night’s quarter finals.
10:40pm 2nd Seed vs. 3rd Seed

[color=blue][b]Finals: SATURDAY 19th May
7:30pm Semi Final Winner #1 vs. Semi Final Winner #2

After all the games, join players and fans at [color=blue][b]The Shannon[/b][/color] for post game festivities.

[color=red][b]Win a trip for two to Hong Kong! Raffle tickets only NT$100![/color][/b]

Support the CIHL and buy a raffle ticket for a three-day, two-night trip for two to Hong Kong.
Prize redeemable for up to one year.
Draw May 19th, between 7:30 and 9:00pm, during the CIHL finals.
Limited number of tickets available. All proceeds go towards supporting the CIHL.

PM citizen k asap.

[color=black]Arena at the corner of Dunhua North and Nanjing East Roads, across from The Shannon[/color] (kitty-corner from Asia World).


Here they are…schedule, flight out of here, and all. I’ll happily deliver tickets to anyone at the Happy Hour late tomorrow.

Are the raffle tickets also entry tickets?

Nope. No tickets required. :beer:

What’s second prize? A trip for 4?

Nope. But the last ticket draw ‘wins’ you the right to mod IP and TP for two weeks around election time, and plus a drunken long weekend in Temp. :wink: Put you down for five? Buy five, get one free.

Our thanks to Rick Monday and the ICRT crew for the shout out about our event this morning. There’s also supposed to be a big story in the Post today. The boys have got their skates sharpened and it’s going to be a night of rock’em, sock’em fun, so come on out to the Taipei Arena starting tonight at 9:20pm for 3 exciting matchups and be sure to buy a couple tickets for your chance to win a trip for two to Hong Kong in support of local hockey!

Down to the final two:

[color=red]TIGERS[/color] vs [color=blue]BEARS[/color]

This Saturday, at the Taipei Arena. Game time is 7:20pm, but judging from the crowds we had for the quarters and semis, get there early, because it’s going to be a full house. Entry is f.o.c. and there are wobblies on sale on site. :beer: Every nt earned goes to support the league, so don’t byo, buy ours!

Thanks also to all of the fine Forumosans who have purchased a ticket or two for our fundraising raffle for a 3 day/2 night trip to Hong Kong. All proceeds go towards supporting the league and subsidizing the hockey you’re coming out to watch, so your help and generosity are greatly appreciated. The draw will be held during the 2nd intermission of the game, so if you haven’t already, be sure to pop by and snap up a ticket or two.

Hope to see you there! :rainbow:


A big thanks to the 600+ fans who came out to cheer the Bears on to a very exciting 4-2 victory over the Tigers. Congratulations to all on yet another very successful season and to Robert Ley, the winner of a 3 day/2 night trip to Hong Kong. This season has been a great one and a huge success due to the dedication of all players and administrators involved and the support of all the fans who come out to cheer us on! A big thanks to all of you! :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: