Cihu Shuttle Bus?

Does anyone know anything about this “shuttle bus service” offered by the Taoyuan County Government to Cihu?

That site loads very, very slowly, but what it says is:

The Cihu Mausoleum will re-open to the public on May 31. In addition to improving the affiliated facilities and transportation route, Taoyuan County Government will also negotiate with the central government and Ministry of Defense to continue with the armed forces honor guard performance at Cihu in the future, in an effort to attract more international and Mainland Chinese tourists. Also, free shuttle services will be provided on weekends and national holidays from 8am to 8pm (shuttle service route: Dasi Bridge parking lot, Yumei parking lot, Touliao parking lot, Cihu parking lot). All are welcome to use the shuttle service.[/quote]

I know you can take a bus from Taipei to Daxi (臺北-大溪)

What about from Taoyuan to Daxi? I’d rather take the railway to Taoyuan than spend any extra time on a bus.

Any suggestions are welcome. Political discussion, not so helpful. I’m going for photography.

The poster called Chris might know. He was there recently.

It is a pretty bizarre place for photos. A Chiang wonderland as it were. I hate the dictator but love the statue park.

You could also try calling the tourist hotline:

0800 011 765

I drove there, so I have no idea about the shuttle service.

It’s a great place for photos, but when I went there a few weeks back it was crowded. A weekday visit would be better if you want pictures of eerie CKS statues without umbrella-toting obasans walking in the background.

Holy fuck, is that a composite or an untouched pic?

Completely untouched. Not even color enhanced.

Well, yeah, I knew that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the tips and interesting photo. I think I’m heading that way on Tuesday or Wednesday depending on the weather. :smiley:

I’ll report on the bus situation when (if) I return. Haha.

How did this trip go? Was it pretty easy to get there? I just started reading the Soong Dynasty by Seagrave. It is interesting to say the least. I look forward to visiting this place sometime. Not as a supporter, just as a curious tourist.